A traditional spread of Tay people, Ta Chai commune. Photo: PV

Imagine Ta Chai spread
On the land of the Bac Ha Plateau, the story of the flow of water in the ground. In the past, the old people told the young people that Ta Chai was attached to the landlord of this region a century ago, Hoang Yen Chao (father of Hoang A Tuong), because he was very interested in spreading . When building the imperial palace, which was exactly what it was called a Western European-style mansion - started in 1914, completed in 1921, he designed in the middle of a large courtyard courtyard . When the French build up teams for the royal palace, they accidentally carry the rhythm of the Valse to the spread. From here, the Ta Chai spread was added to the new features of French culture. The interplay between Asian and European culture has made the rounds more soft, lively, both liberal, folk of highlanders, just a little gentle, romantic of classical Valse. That is the point that makes the special of Ta Chai spread against the spread in other places.
Bac Ha people have the phrase "Want to drink good wine is about the Street. Want to eat delicious try to go to Bac Ha. Want to see the beautiful spread to Ta Chai. Ta Chai spread festival is held regularly in traditional festivals such as Lunar New Year, Lunar New Year Festival, crescent festival, rice ceremony, new rice ceremony ..., paddy rice is full of people, people are abundant health. In Ta Chai, from the elderly to children, everyone knows a few spread.
The spread is always "soul" in the festival of Tay people in Bac Ha. Initially, the propaganda was born attached to the living and production of the highland. The traditional spread, such as bamboo shoots, the scarf, the shooting ... are the spans that reflect the multitude of life, are sketched, simulated by the movements and rhythm. Thus, Ta Chai spread close and simple, but incredible vitality.
According to the research, collecting artisans and functional branches, the Ta Chai spread has 12 tunes, including 6 tunes with cymbals, gongs and 6 tunes. The gong with empty cushion, gong is the combination of pa pa (step by step), the sloping hua (tilting head), tumbling (back), pa pa (stomping step) (rice threshing). The flute has the accompaniment of the trumpet, the drum is the combination of the dark (spreading the double), the flute (spreading the four), the pirate (spreading the fish), the towel (spreading the towel), the soup ( ), the muscles (spreading the flag). The elderly in Ta Chai often told his grandchildren: "Not well versed in the propagation of the neck is not spread the right and beautiful the other spread."
Over time, Tay people here continue to produce new sprouts, such as spreading beans, spreading stars, spreading tea, spreading wine ... The birth of the new wave spread to the treasure The art of spreading more and more rich.
In the type of spread, the flush is the most common. Spread a circle, a few dozen people spread a circle, hundreds or more people can be divided into many round or round in, ring outside, hand in hand, foot people move one foot in the other. drunk to drum beat, gong at the time, bass and charismatic powerful. In the moment of sublimation of the traditional dance, the timidity, embarrassment often disappear, people naturally shrink in the circle, spreading the collective circle can flexibly versatile.

Besides the spread, many products are also created from the process of formation and development of spreading art such as spread props (spreading fan, spreading fan, spreading leaf, spreading leaf), spreading instrument (drum, gongs, cymbals, small pianos, pipe music), costumes and music spread ... In it, spreading music is the soul of the traditional spread of the Tay Ta Chai.

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