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Famous Bac Pho Bac Ha

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Some people say that Bac Ha, but you have not enjoyed sour noodles, it is considered as not coming to this white plateau. Sour pho is a rustic, simple but charming dish, containing the culture of the people of Bac Ha - Lao Cai highland. Anyone who came to Bac Ha also tried to enjoy sour noodles and bought them as gifts for relatives.

Phở origin is a typical dish of Tay people. Over time, sour pho has become the favorite dish of all ethnic communities in Bac Ha. It has surpassed the limit of a typical dish of a nation and became a famous dish of a region. Now mentioning the unique dish in Bac Ha, people immediately think of sour noodles.

Those who first enjoyed the sour noodles were surprised because the bowl of sour pho looked cold, not a single smoke rose up like in the imagination, nor did the aroma of onion, meat, and water spread in Space conquers the sense of smell the enjoy. Raw materials for making sour noodles include: noodles, pickles; green vegetables (lettuce, lettuce); a little bit of threaded meat; Crispy roasted peanuts, crushed to small; a few peas give a distinct flavor; Of course, there must be noodles and broth and some chili sauce. Previously, the sour pho of the Tay people did not use meat but only noodles and spices. Today, people add meat to pho to increase protein and deliciousness.

Raw vegetables used in sour noodles

What makes the characteristics of Bac Ha Phở is in the broth. The soup of sour noodles is not hot bone bone water, but the people have to prepare for a long time. The stage of making water used for quite sour noodle soup. Fresh water boiled into jars and jars. To create color for broth, we put some red sugar in the jars right from the hot water. When the water has cooled, drop it into the jar of the nine-egg pepper bananas that have peeled off the shell. Finally, use a linon bag to wrap the jars to seal the natural fermentation ingredients. About half a month later, when sufficient fermentation material is available, it can be used. At this time, the water in the jars has enough flavor: yellow of red sugar, sour taste of ripe bananas, sweetness of sugar, ... that is the unique broth of sour noodles.

The broth was delicious, but if the noodle is not delicious, even though the pho is famous, it does not leave an impression on the guests. It is no coincidence that many tourists come to Bac Ha noodle soup, when they buy some pounds of pho, they bring them back to their hometown as gifts. Bac Ha noodle yarn is both delicious, chewy and soft, because it is self-coated by the traditional rice. The noodle is not as white as pho noodle, which we often see, but its characteristic color is reddish. Because of the upland rice to make pho is red brown. People do it entirely by hand without using any other additives or chemicals. Therefore, pho fiber can only be used during the day.

Pho noodles are hand-crafted

When enjoying sour noodles, we will feel the delicious rice noodles, the crispy taste of peanuts, the mild sour taste of broth and pickles, the soft taste of meat, the spicy taste of chili sauce, the aromatic taste. of basil ... When we eat, we don't have the greasy feeling of fat, the broth. Phở, eating once is strange, twice, three times, many people are "addicted" because of its unique flavor. Coming to Bac Ha - Lao Cai, enjoying a bowl of sour pho said the high aftertaste is also a pleasure of diners.

Nguyen Thuy

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