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A day out at Coc Ly, Bac Ha

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Coc Ly is a highland commune of Bac Ha district, about 15 km from the town. In the local language Coc Ly means plum root. So far people do not know why this place is named Coc Ly (plum root).

There are many tourists who discover Coc Ly because of its magnificent natural landscape, honest and hospitable people. Explore the market, ancient millennium forests, yachts on Coc Ly hydropower lake .... These activities always attract many visitors.
Cho Coc Ly belongs to Coc Ly commune. Join this market mainly Black Dao people (Dao Tuyen), Nung, Mong Hoa. Coc Ly Market is unique in that the market only meets every Tuesday. Tourists travel by car, motorbike from Lao Cai city along the highway 70 for more than 30km and turn left or go to Bao Nhai bridge (Bao Nhai commune), from here take a boat upstream of Chay river 10km to reach the market. Visitors can also continue on the road towards Bac Ha town about 13 km further, turn left into Coc Ly.

The market is not big but is divided into separate areas, people bring to the market the local products: vegetables, upland rice, honey, mushrooms, corn wine, household appliances and brocade products with many different items, colors, shapes. The most vibrant area in the market is the place to sell poultry and cattle. The atmosphere here is very bustling, the sound of people who buy and sell and mix of exchanges takes place. To the market, visitors can not help but stop by the food court to enjoy special dishes such as triumphant, ménen, sour ...
After visiting Coc Ly market, visitors can explore the ancient grinded forest. Including a thousand-year-old grated tree that has been recognized as a heritage tree, has a trunk circumference of 9.6 meters; trunk diameter is 3.1 meters; Tree height is about 45 meters. This is the largest diameter timber tree in the population of 231 trees of lumber and clams in Coc Sam village, Coc Ly commune, Bac Ha district (Lao Cai). Grind forest is a rare plant population of the Northwest region that remains today.
Coming to Coc Ly that tourists overlook the Coc Ly hydropower lake will probably be an omission. Yachts on Coc Ly Lake, looking at the peaceful and poetic landscape with the clear blue water, the vast green sides of the trees will be unforgettable for every visitor. Standing on the hydroelectric dam, looking at the waterfalls discharging into the foam, white, loud, under the sunshine also creates a beautiful space for Coc Ly.
 Try Coc Ly once, surely the landscape and people here will make you satisfied.
Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang

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