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Tourist spots in Bat Xat

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Bat Xat, the highland district in the northwest of Lao Cai province, the land "Where the Red River flows into Vietnamese soil" has been attracting many tourists to visit, discovered by the majestic natural scenery, the atmosphere fresh together with unique national cultural identities.

Coming to Bat Xat, you can choose from the following 3 tour routes to experience: Sa Pa - Ban Xeo - Muong Hum - Ma Sao - Den Sang - Y Ty - A Mu Sung - Lao Cai; Lao Cai - Bat Xat - Muong Vi - Ban Xeo - Muong Hum - Ban Khoang - Ta Giang Phinh - Sa Pa routes; Route Sa Pa - Ban Xeo - Muong Hum - Y Ty - A Lu - A Muc Sung - Trinh Tuong - Lao Cai. Whichever route you choose to explore, don't miss some of the unique stops below.
Muong Hum fair market
Muong Hum Fair Market is one of the largest fair markets in the Northwest. takes place every Sunday. The market is about 44 km away from the town of Bat Xat, located in the Muong Hum stream in the green, a place to meet, exchange, trade and play for the people of Ha Nhi, Mong, Hoa, Giay and Dao Do ethnic groups. Dao Tuyen, Han and a dating place, confidences of couples. Like other highland markets, Muong Hum market is full of colors of the clothes of young women, ethnic women, bustling voices, laughing voices.
Amaranth Bright
Light amaranth is a land of rich cultural identity of Red Dao people. It still preserves ancient customs such as excellent identity, fire dancing, tobacco leaf processing, traditional silver making. Coming to Light Amaranth, you will find the poetic Red waterfall still retains its pristine appearance.
Ky Quan San
Ky Quan San peak is located in the nature reserve of Bat Xat district, an ideal hunting ground. At the height of 3,046m, from the top of Ky Quan San you have the opportunity to see villages located deep in the mountains, beautiful natural scenery, floating sea clouds
Y Ty
Y Ty is located at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level, has a cool climate all year round, is a beautiful valley of peace by clouds, by mountains, by vast primeval forests, by terraced fields beautiful picturesque paintings by houses presented by the Ha Nhi people in Lao Chai 1 and Lao Chai 2 villages. Coming to Y Ty, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, learn customs and practices , the identity of the Ha Nhi people with the festival of worshiping forest gods or festivals of Dry Già Già - National level intangible cultural heritage is the biggest seasonal festival of the Ha Nhi ethnic group.
A Mú Sung
A Mú Sung has Lung Po flagpole, where the Red River flows into Vietnamese soil. Lung Po flagpole has an important meaning in affirming national sovereignty, traditional education and patriotism for the young generation and becoming an attractive tourist destination for tourists. From the top of Lung Po flagpole, zooming out of sight is a vast green area, right below is a river of red and heavy flooding.
Come to Bat Xat highland to discover beautiful natural scenery with charming water, to learn the unique culture of ethnic minorities such as Ha Nhi, Giay, Mong, Red Dao and Chinh serving attractive tourist routes and destinations.
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