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Shipping policy
Shipping and delivery policy
– You should check the product, compare it with invoices, documents, and delivery notes before purchasing the goods. If you ask someone else to pick up the goods, you need to check the goods carefully before receiving them. Once you have successfully purchased the goods, we will be responsible for any technical errors of the Manufacturer (according to the regulations on Exchange/Return of goods). ,any other cases are not our responsibility.

– Delivery time may be slower than expected due to many objective reasons: Incorrect delivery address, Recipient is not at home at the time of delivery, Delivery staff cannot be contacted for delivery, flood flood, fire, earthquake, strike and other objective reasons, we will contact you to renegotiate a reasonable delivery time.

– When the expected delivery time has passed and the customer still has not received the goods, please respond so we can take the fastest corrective and preventive measures. During the waiting period, if you want to change your order (exchange products, no longer want to receive goods, etc.) but the delivery staff (or) the courier service has not yet delivered the goods to the customer, please Report it back so we can resolve it with the delivery service (or) delivery staff.