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Specialty Lao Cai: what to eat, what to buy as gifts for relatives?

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Lao Cai is an attractive destination, in addition to interesting tourist destinations such as: Sa Pa, Bac Ha, Y Ty, there are also interesting dishes of the mountains and forests, worthy of being Lao Cai specialties.

Traveling to any region, the first thing you care about is what's interesting, having something delicious. Coming to Lao Cai you will never have to regret because not only beautiful scenery, unique cultural discoveries, but also many delicious dishes, specialties as gifts for relatives.

The first specialty of Lao Cai should not be overlooked as delicious food, each region, each ethnic group in Lao Cai has attractive dishes for tourists. You can enjoy many dishes with the flavor of mountains and forests that are rare in places like:

Triumph: This is a traditional dish of Mong people, cooked from meat and green leaves, five organs of horses combined with special spices and herbs of the Mong people to create a dish with a special flavor special. Today, the victory is not only cooked from horses but also cooked from goat meat, cows and buffaloes. The victory in Lao Cai is in many places but perhaps the best, the most right flavor you have to go to Bac Ha.

Armpit pig: This is a wild pig raised by highlanders who have no weight gain so it is still very young despite raising for a year. Whenever people bring to the market and sell people, they can steal them in their armpits, so they are called under-arm pigs. The meat of the stinking pig's aroma can be processed into many dishes such as grilling, boiling, stir-frying, or turning the whole baby .... Try to enjoy the delicious taste of the underarm pig, surely you will remember the unique flavor of this specialty Lao Cai delicacy.

Pork - armpit - Lao Cai specialty

Color: This is a traditional dish of many ethnic groups in Lao Cai, made from natural ingredients. The color of sticky rice is made from forest leaves. It appeals to visitors not only by eye-catching colors but also by the aromatic sticky rice, made from traditional, round sticky rice grains. Most tourist destinations in Lao Cai can enjoy this attractive sticky rice dish.

Sa Pa Barbecue: Sapa has a cool climate all year round so even if you come to Sa Pa in any season, you can enjoy barbecue. Fresh and delicious dishes are sold throughout the city. Many people believe that "to Sa Pa must definitely enjoy baked goods, otherwise it has not yet discovered all the uniqueness of Sapa". Sa Pa is endowed with a cool and fresh climate, so Sa Pa grill gives diners a distinct and attractive flavor. Here you can enjoy kale dish of grilled meat, roasted eggs, grilled pork, grilled chicken, ... Along with spice sauce is prepared from high-chilli sauce for spicy and aromatic flavor of the mountain. The forest will make you remember forever. It is not natural that Sa Pa barbecue is enrolled in Lao Cai specialty list. Try to enjoy it to feel its special taste.

Noodles: With most other dishes you come to Lao Cai whenever you can enjoy but with nuggets, you can only enjoy at the end of August to October every year. It was at that time that the sticky rice flowers were not ready to ripen, the new rice began to grow, and smelled of milk, was cut to make nuggets by relatives. In Lao Cai, there are many areas with nuggets but the most famous ones are Bac Ha nuggets, Ta Van nuggets in Sa Pa district and nuggets Hop Thanh and Lao Cai city. These are delicious glutinous rice fields in Lao Cai cultivated by Tay and Giay ethnic people. The traditional sticky rice seeds are round and fragrant, through the processing of the ladies, the women will give the fragrant and green sticky rice nuggets.

Com is a favorite delicacy of both people and tourists (photo: Hung Manh)

Roasting: This is a unique and unique dish only available in Bac Ha and Lao Cai. Roasted rice is made from young sticky rice (older than nuggets) when the ripe paddy is 2/3, then cut to pluck, cooked and dried under light sunshine. When grain is hard, grind it to get rice. Rice is roasted with cooked ingredients like sticky rice but the taste is much different. Soft and chewy rice, sweet rice flavor, aroma like nuggets. If you want to enjoy or buy as a gift, you can come to Bac Ha around September and October. You can be assured of the deliciousness of roasted rice, worthy of Lao Cai specialties.

Password rang Bac Ha

Chilli sauce: If you are a believer in spicy dishes, do not ignore chili sauce. In Lao Cai, Muong Khuong chutney is the most famous, spicy, fragrant and especially without preservatives. It can be said that chili sauce is processed in many regions in the whole country, but perhaps there is no flavor like Muong Khuong. Small, spicy Muong Khuong chili peppers are carefully selected, how to prepare the highland chili sauce through boiling water and mingle with garlic, adding a pinch of salt. Listen through a seemingly simple way but to make chili sauce successful, to be full-blown year-round must have a family experience.

Alcohol: Lao Cai is famous for many kinds of wine such as: Sim San wine, grain wine, San Lung wine .... But perhaps Bac Ha wine is more famous. In order to get the drops of fragrant wine, drink even if drunk but not tired or headache is because Ban Pho has special privileges for nature and people with traditional secrets. Ban Pho wine is delicious because the wine is cooked with cool water flowing from the rocky mountain. The cool taste of the water has created a special aroma of aromatic wine that is nowhere to be found.

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