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Hoang Thu Pho ancient tea forest

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Hoang Thu Pho is a highland commune of Bac Ha and Lao Cai districts. This is considered the cradle of tea. From Bac Ha town going west about 12km, through the winding roads to Hoang Thu Pho commune. Looming on the hillside, the ancient tea fields are rising up green with pine forest.

In the past, the ancient tea was found in all fields of the village, later due to not being sold, the people cut down. This ancient tea is not only a precious and very healthy tea to use, but also a "clean" type of tea from care to processing. Green tea, when drinking sweet, remains very long.
Close up of ancient tea plants
Hoang Thu Pho is nearly 2,000 meters above sea level. This is an ideal condition for tea plants to grow. At present, there are many ancient tea plantations, hundreds of years old tea plants. Tea is scattered throughout the hills, along the road, but the most concentrated tea is in Hoang Ha village. Here, there are ancient tea roots of up to 40-45 cm in diameter, about 10m high. Regarding the age of tea forest, people in the area cannot identify it. The elderly people in the village said that it was not known when tea trees were born, and when they were born and grew up, they saw the tea forest and attached to it so far.

Previously, every family had a tea field for family use. Every year, people cut down small branches of tea so that the new spring can be harvested. When collecting, people must climb trees to cut each bud. People here have a habit of drinking fresh tea or dried stars to use gradually. Tea is an indispensable drink in every family in the region.
The current tea forest is not only economically valuable but also valuable in tourism culture. In recent years there have been many visitors visiting this ancient tea forest. It is especially when visiting this ancient tea forest not only because of the big and tall tea stalks but also because on the way visitors can see the scenery of the mountain forest with messages of corn fields, green rice, fields soft ladder winding around the mountain slope. Occasionally we see the scene of fragile clouds hovering over the mountainside to create a lyrical and poetic landscape. Stop by the tea forest, you will feel the fresh and cool atmosphere. Many people are familiar with the tea fields to be connected, cared for, cut the branches to create the canopy for the trees. When seeing the ancient tea forest, they were amazed at the sight of the tall, big tea trees, green leaves, and shaggy tree stalks of time.
The road to the tea forest is quite convenient. Tourists travel 12 km of asphalt roads from Bac Ha town to Hoang Thu Pho Commune Committee headquarters. After that, going 5 km of rocky road to Hoang Ha village will meet the first tea forest. If you want to see larger tea forest, bigger trees turn left to walk about 500 meters deep inside.
Nguyen Dinh Chieu

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