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In the folk games, tug of war is one of the ceremonial games, associated with the beliefs of the season, the demand for reproduction, development and indispensability in the festival copper (usually held in the spring) of Tay people, Giay people in Lao Cai.

During the Bronze Festival, a tug of war is held on a flat field, located in the center of the village or in a convenient location, with many roads crossing and below which there are often streams. In the traditional view of the Tay people, Giay people, areas with high terrain always have positive "gây", the area has low terrain with negative "din", the left is positive, the right is negative, ...

The tug of war usually takes place in the morning, which is positive. The team involved in dragging is also arranged so that yin and yang harmony - Men are always in the west, and women in the east. The Orient is the direction of the sunrise, with cool light, symbolizing the brightness, freshness, development, so often the Tay people, the Giay value when doing the big things in life. Making strings to tug at Tay people, Giay people are important and must abide by certain taboos. They often use rattan wire or "cheek" wire. Both plants have many flowers, many fruits and symbolizes a sacred dragons dragon "luong luong", carrying strength tough, ... Tay people in Bac Ha district, Bao Yen, often go to the forest to find the zipper (straight and beautiful) at the time "Thơ" (about 6-8 hours), in January. According to them, this is good time, good weather, cool weather, lots of gas, ... Before getting the rope, the village head must sharpen knives, then carefully, avoid dogs and Children walk through the dirt, when cutting the zipper will lose the sacred. Shrinkage to straighten, long, evenly, root with relatively equal tops, the longer the longer the better. Zipper fastening is usually done before holding tentacles 2-3 days. Towing was brought back to Mr. Mo's house, to the new festival brought to the venue to pull. For the Giay, taking the zipper is somewhat simpler - the village assigns a family responsible to cut the rope back (rattan). It is not necessary to pick the date, only to get a beautiful rattan tree, which has straight stems (usually trees that grow on or wrap on other trees). After cutting the wire, roll the cord into a roll, then bring back the owner of the village, to the day the association will bring out the zipper. When pulled, the cord is divided into two equal parts, the middle part wrapped in red cloth or red paper as the boundary. Pulling the handle, the handle of the zipper is also the player's special note. Two dragging teams also means "drag dragons", with the desire, dragon rain spray for villages full of water, fish full of rivers, full of streams, lush crops, ... For the Tay people in Bao Nhai, Bac Ha, rules the male team pulling the root of the rope, corresponding to the body and head of the dragon; The female part will pull the string, corresponding to the dragon tail. When pulling, the last person pulling the men's team is not allowed to hold onto the outermost part of the rope, as this is the position of the mouth and eyes of the dragon. If the scissors do not know, or unintentionally hold onto the rope, they will lose their mouth and eyes, causing the dragon to be unable to spray the rain. Traditionally the Tay, the zipper has the original root for the elderly, regardless of male or female; Top of the zipper tops are of the youth. Because this is a ceremonial game, with the purpose of praying for the rain, the lush crop, the elderly are healthy, the young live longevity like the elderly, ... so before pulling, Mo Always negotiate with the two sides, in every pull, the young must give the old to win. With Giay people, after the ritual, the village owner select the participants to drag, usually the elderly, then divided into male and female team, each side from 10 to 15 instruments. The team will participate in dragging the village will be arranged in the direction. Normally, there are three types of arrangements, as follows: If arranged in the direction of the sun, the sunrise is the female, while the sun is the male; If arranged by the stream, men stand at the head of the stream and women stand at the bottom; If arranged by terrain, men stand on high, women stand on the low side. Before pulling, Mo reads a vow to talk about ritual rites of the nation. According to the Tay, dragging is also called "cloud pulling", ie pulling clouds down, to bring rain and wind harmony for human beings, for the development of all things ... Thus, this game bearing The history and culture of rice farmers, honoring and strengthening the power of solidarity and an indispensable rite in the Bronze Festival, express the desire for birth , the development of human beings as well as the universe ... to empower the community in labor and production. Up to now, drag games are still generations Tay, Giay keep, promote the traditional festival of the community. With typical values, "Scissors of the Tay, Giay people in Lao Cai" has been decided by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to list the intangible cultural heritage. in 2014./.

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