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Introducing attractive walking routes in Bac Ha, Lao Cai

23/12/2020 2351 0
Bac Ha attracts tourists with its unspoiled beauty, with its intact cultural values ​​now becoming an attractive destination for many tourists. Let's explore 3 fascinating walking routes here through the following suggestions:
Watch the sunset on top of Ngai Thau (Na Hoi commune)

This is a quite hard journey with many steep slopes, deterring any healthy tourist, but the results obtained at the end of that journey are extremely satisfactory.

Na Hoi commune is located about 3km from the center of Bac Ha town. Along the road from Bac Ha to Ngai Thau, the scenery on both sides of the road is extremely attractive with corn-flowered valleys, lush green terraced fields stretching on the mountainside, and wildflowers growing everywhere in the valley.

Ngai Thau Peak is a beautiful stopover to watch the sunset. The hilltop stretches, wide space, a glimpse of all four directions, along with the green green grass, the straight lines of sandwood trees in the afternoon sun, the stilt houses nestled along the valley side enough to do. fall in love with any visitor.

Bac Ha fair market

Walking at the fair is also an equally interesting experience. From early morning to 15:00 on Sunday every week, Bac Ha fair. Here, visitors can enjoy many rustic specialties, buy relatives and friends souvenirs or gift upland. Some of the dishes that you should enjoy in Bac Ha market are pho, winning horse - winning buffalo, sticky rice, corn cake, sticky cake ...

At the market, all highland products such as fruits, vegetables, honey ... or necessary tools such as hoes, shovels, plows, knives ... are sold at the market, but the most attractive thing is still enough jewelry. designs and vivid brocade-patterned dresses are hand-woven by the ethnic people in the highlands of Bac Ha.

Conquer Three Mother and Son mountain

Mother and Child Mountain, located in the center of town, is a symbol of motherhood with many legends that indigenous people have handed down.

Conquering the top of the mountain Parents and children will be a new experience for those who love climbing. Here, visitors can combine mountain climbing with visiting the flower valley, the newly formed cymbidium growing area in Bac Ha. The top of the mountain is also the best location for you to have a panoramic view of the Northern town as well as the surrounding areas. Especially the season of plum blossoms, plum blossoms as well as cherry blossom season will make you love more nature, scenery and people here.

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