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Sapa organizes a competition to design, demonstrate, and introduce brocade products

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At Lan Rung brocade craft village, a contest to design, demonstrate and introduce brocade products will take place from August to October 2021.
The competition to design, demonstrate and introduce brocade products will take place from August to October 2021, at Lan Rung brocade village, lane 81, Dien Bien Phu street, Sa Pa town, Laos province. Cai, funded by the Great project, implements Lan Rung General Trading Co., Ltd., in collaboration with the Provincial Farmers' Association, the specialized departments of Sa Pa town, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lao Cai province. perform.

Brocade products displayed at the contest

Content of the contest: Embroider brocade patterns on jute fabric and present the meaning of brocade patterns in front of the judges; Time to show the final exam: presenting the meaning of brocade patterns maximum time 10 minutes/1 embroidery product, each embroidery product can only be done once, by an individual or a group. embroider no more than 5 people and present the meaning of brocade patterns; Contestants prepare their own tools, embroidery tools and embroidery thread according to the products they register for the contest.

Sa Pa ethnic women participate in the contest

The judges of the competition

Products won at the contest

The contest has attracted more than 30 women who are ethnic minorities from Sa Pa to participate with many contest products and displayed such as brocade towels, brocade bags, blankets, sheets, etc. Brocade pillows... The participating brocade products were highly appreciated by the judges and visitors for their quality as well as creativity, artistry, applicability in the production process, and color matching. of products. At the end of the contest, the organizers awarded the contestants with 01 special prize, 02 first prizes, 04 second prizes, 06 third prizes and many consolation prizes. This is a meaningful program of activities contributing to the development of traditional crafts, creating jobs, increasing incomes, and improving the lives of local ethnic people.

Vu Khanh

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