The Y Ty Market, the beauty of highland culture

25/06/2019 1811 0
The Y Ty Market is one of the famous highland markets in the Northwest. The market hold on every Saturday, mostly selling the local agricultural product are growned by the local people .

The market is showing up like a wide carpet with all the colors of  the local specialties that you cannot find at the supermarkets or shops. The red of the dew-berry, the purple of the potatoes looks strange, the green of the mustard green bunches  is strangely attractive. Here, the people trading and exchanged the local products, the farm tools, the necessary household appliances. The Y Ty market is a place which collecting the typical cultural of the Mong, Dao, Ha Nhi ethnic groups from food to clothing ... making the whole scene of the market full of absorb and charming.

Looking at the beauty of the Y Ty market on a beautiful and peaceful Saturday morning:


Hoài Thu

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