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Skilful Handicrafts Of The Minorities Group In Sa Pa

03/12/2022 1195 0
Besides doing the farm work, weaving the fabric and embroidering the brocade are unlackable job of the women of the Mong, Tay, Dao… From the skilful hands, the women created the beautiful patterns in their costumes.

The Brocade

Nowadays, when Vietnam has integrated in the world economy, these women know how to make other products from brocade such as: scarf, wallet, handbag…the tourists will buy these products as souvenirs for their relatives and friends.

The jewelry

Today, the jewelry made by the modern technology are widely sold, however, the minor ethnic groups in Lao Cai would prefer the traditional hand made jewelry. T

hey are the necklaces, ear rings, rings…, most of these are made of silver and they are engraved with the skilful designs which are the symbols of emotions and the patterns of the mountains.

All women in the mountainous region wear the jewelry from they were small children to preen their selves and to preserve the beauty of their traditions into the each product.


Each ethnic group in Lao Cai has its own knitting technique and decorative design; however, the main materials are bamboo and rattan.

The Tay’s products have the square shape with flower and leaf design where Ares the Dao’s often have the design of the winding lines filled with colors. The age of these products are lengthened by being put above the kitchen to be smoked out.


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