Note when conquering the top of Ky Quan San, Bat Xat, Lao Cai

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Ky Quan San mountain peak in Ky Quan San mountain range, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, with an altitude of 3046m above sea level, is considered an ocean of white clouds. To conquer the ocean of white clouds, you need to note a few things:
1. Prepare well physically

The first thing you have to prepare is good physical strength, endurance and determination to overcome the mountains. Because the difficulty of conquering Ky Quan San is more appreciated than conquering Fansipan peak.

2. Prepare personal belongings and choose the right time to climb

To have a climbing journey to conquer the top of Ky Quan San, you need to pay attention to choose beautiful weather, mild sunshine, avoid rain and it is too cold, slippery roads so that there is no danger on the way. The best time to climb the mountain and have the best weather is from late August to April next year. Personal items do not need to be prepared too much, the amount of things to carry needs to be enough for the trip such as drinking water, hats, sticks, etc. to avoid carrying heavy loads that are easy to lose strength. Because in the journey, there was a porter to bring food and prepare the necessary things for your journey.

To start the climbing journey, you can choose two directions to get to the starting point: from Sa Pa go straight to Sang Ma Sao or from Lao Cai city go straight to Sang Ma Sao. From Sang Ma Sao you will start the climbing journey, from this point start climbing the first slopes with a gentle slope along the rice fields, corn fields, grazing cattle, Dao people, Hmong people. here. With such terrain, you need to prepare a long-sleeved shirt to cross corn fields and rice fields without getting scratched.

The journey is arduous and dangerous, but every visitor coming here will not be discouraged because the road ahead will be surprised with many beautiful wild flowers appearing. Unspoiled natural scenery with layers of diverse vegetation makes you forget all the fatigue of the long journey. In the climbing journey, the closer to the top, the more beautiful scenery undulating, sometimes hidden, sometimes in the white clouds. Do not forget to admire and choose a beautiful angle to take photos, or record a video to save as a souvenir. The most difficult, arduous and exciting is the steepest slope from Mount Salt to the top. This is the part of the mountain ridge, also known as the bumpy buffalo spine, with many pebbles, easy to slip, and the wind blows and whistles like the sound of a flute calling you. Through this part, you need to make sure your feet and hands cling to the cliffs and the bamboo roots, or the roots of the azalea tree firmly, move slowly so that each step is safe. Because there are quite dangerous sections like this, you need to go with a group or group so that there is nothing difficult for everyone to help each other.

The slopes are consecutive, one side is a deep abyss, the other side is a towering mountain. However, such spots always create a very interesting feeling for those who like adventurous trekking. The closer you get to the top of Ky Quan San, the feeling that your hands can touch the clouds is real. When you reach the top, you will be able to see far away and look back on the process you have gone.

One more note for you to conquer Ky Quan San peak is a place to eat and rest in the main journey of Muoi mountain with an altitude of 2100 m - 2200 m above sea level. At this point, the indigenous people built shacks, toilets, kitchens, drinking water and food from the mountains to serve the convoys to conquer Ky Quan San peak. To try the strange feeling, you can bring a tent and sleeping bag to experience the exciting outdoor space.

The feeling of experiencing with primeval old forests, hundreds of years old trees, along with clear streams from upstream, will definitely be an unforgettable experience for those who have been there. the time to set foot on the top of Ky Quan San. My little notes and shares hope to help you enjoy the feeling of adventurous trekking, can be confident, arrange your schedule and choose the right time to hit the road. And always remember a saying like the maxim of the mountain climbing world that "don't take anything but photos, don't leave anything but footprints".

Hoang Thi Kim Anh

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