Discover the Ha Nhi village in Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district

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Y Ty - a paradise of white clouds, is a charming tourist destination of the Ha Nhi people. This is one of the smallest ethnic groups in the Vietnamese ethnic community.

Visiting the village of Ha Nhi people, you will feel extremely excited with the unique “Trinh tuong” house. Unlike the common stilt houses of the upland ethnic people, the typical Ha Nhi houses are located right on the ground, the walls are made of clay, 40 - 45 cm thick, 4 - 5m high with two outer and inner rings, the sloping short roof is covered with grass but it is very reliable. This house structure will help Ha Nhi people keep warm in winter but still cool in summer. Looking down from above, these houses are like beautiful giant mushrooms on the side of the mountain, hidden in the mist

The Ha Nhi people live in small colonies in the mountainside or in the terraced fields. In the early morning, clouds cover the roof, creating a dim and magical scenery.

Besides the unique beauty of the houses, you will be attracted by the charming traditional costume of the Ha Nhi women. The most distinctive feature of the women’s costumes are the wig and head scarf, the wig is made of wood to form a large bundle that keep the head warm in the inclement weather all year around.  In the opinion of the black Ha Nhi, hair and clothes are very important, showing the neat beauty of the woman, taking care of the wig shows the skillful hands of the woman in works, as well as their good health and luck.

Every year, the Ha Nhi people have many unique festivals. In spring, there is a ritual to worship the forest god “Ga Ma Do”, thanksgiving to the water god, ... in summer there is a ceremony to pray for the season “Kho Gia Gia”, ... If you have the opportunity to visit Y Ty, try to explore Ha Nhi village to better understand the unique culture of this place.

Nguyen Thuy (photo: Tran Hau and Manh Cuong)

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