Flower Panpine Festival 2020

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In the joyful atmosphere of Lu narNew Year all over the country, Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist resort officially opened the Flower Panpine Festival 2020 on January 27th (the 3rd day of the first lunar month Year of the Rat). The festival is elaborately decorated, with many interesting performances.

lễ hội khèn hoa

This is the fourth time the Pan-pipe Festival is held in Sunworld Fansipan Lengend. In particular, this year’s festival is held on a larger scale, more splendid decorated spaces with countless traditional Northwest cultural activities and attractive spiritual activities. Visitors will immediately feel the tradition of Northwest culture at the main entrance of the festival with the image of Khen - a traditional musical instrument of the Mong people or colorful brocade patterns, looms, shuttles with colorful threads... The mini scenes are decorated with many flowers and other stylized motifs showing the characteristics of the Northwest traditional culture every spring.

            From January 27 to February 2, the Pan-pipe dancing contest will also be held at the main stage of the festival, with the performance of the best artists from the communes and wards in Sa Pa and surrounding areas such as Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Yen Bai. Also, visitors can enjoy the traditionally lion dance performance and get drunk in the singing of the mountainous region. Sipping freshly cooked liquor, seeing the aromatic leaves of the forest, pounding day cakes together, making young rice cakes; the sweet sticky rice cakes just pass the tip of the tongue, we can feel the aroma of the Northwest cuisine market.

lễ hội khèn hoalễ hội khèn hoalễ hội khèn hoalễ hội khèn hoalễ hội khèn hoa

In addition to the joyful and dynamic atmosphere of the Flower Pan-pine Festival, visitors and Buddhists also have the opportunity to visit and worship at the spiritual tourism architecture on the top of Fansipan such as: Bao An Thien Tu, Bich Vien Thien Tu, Great Buddha Amitabha, Quan The Am Bo Tat..., where visitors can feel moments of tranquility, peace and wish for family and relatives good luck and peace in New Year Canh Ty.

            Flower Pan-pipe Festival is an annual festival, held periodically in early January every year, with the desire to bring Tet experience rich in traditional culture of the Northwest region. This festival will be the main and unique tourism product of Sapa tourism, attracting a large number of domestic and international tourists to visit, worship and experience.

Translated by Ba Hien

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