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In fire

Everything is ripe

What fire?

What's also tan ...

The heat of the people

Fire dissipation

The fire is burning, depositing

Fire old people

Take off young people

Skirt frayed skirt

Crumbled footsteps

Flames of hands catch the face

Fire kept the moorings

Charge the cries of the kitchen

The fire of the whole village

The heat of the rain blew lightning

Fire on the hills

Fire to meet the night

Traps trapped night

The fire is as real as a joke ...

Please come back ...

The butt of his body hurts

Resentment farming great forest

Strength grows from desire

Growing up from despair

Strength over time

Age is no longer age

Thickness of land to land

Land of dream land

Please come back ...

Good luck chiu

The fire is sombre

Fire lay down

The vampire's virginal fire

Fire on the warrior's heart

Fire around the bottom of the pan boiled mature woman

The fire slammed down steeply

Flutter in the bird's voice

Fire on the river in the flood season

The green rice fields are green

Fire carry the bearing source

Fire saddle back happy

Fire smells difficult

Lack of fire hides tigers

Deer forget grass ...

The night-and-night past has turned to itself


Forgetful cotton hair

the old you with the cat hen

Excerpt from the poem: Khuc Thien Di

Author: Đoan Huu Nam

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