Colors on brocade costumes of some ethnic groups in Lao Cai

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One of the extremely special, impressive and attractive cultural features when coming to Lao Cai is the colors on brocade costumes of ethnic minorities in Lao Cai province.

Lao Cai has 25 different ethnic groups and branches. Each ethnic group has its own creations in how to make brocade costumes. Some ethnic groups use hot colors like red and yellow to stand out in the mountains. Some ethnic groups use deep colors like black, blue and indigo to harmonize with nature. But no matter what color, pattern, the brocade costume of each ethnic group exudes a unique beauty, unique and attractive. Let's admire and discover the differences and colorful colors on brocade costumes of some ethnic groups in Lao Cai province:
Black Mongolian Brocade: The main color used by the Black Mong people is green and purple, used quite harmoniously, mainly in cold colors to describe the life around their mountain vegetation. a group of typical patterns used to decorate the clothes or artworks of the black Mong people are: pictures of animals around; pictures of plants and flowers; and graphing labor tools. Brocade clothes of the Black Hmong people are not only valuable for use but also mark the high level of development of folk aesthetics ... The Black Mong people consider brocade is not only a protector of people in the sense of birth normal learning, but also a weapon against all evil, or help people have more strength.

Costumes of black Mongolian women
Brocade flowers Mong people: The Mong Hoa people in Lao Cai live mainly in Bac Ha and Si Ma Cai districts. Brocade clothes of the Mong Hoa people make a strong impression at first sight with vibrant beauty and youthfulness. About brocade, after weaving into fabric, they will apply beeswax on white fabric with geometric lines as desired. After that, bring indigo dye. The woman combines all three techniques: embroidery, beeswax painting and fabric stitching to create motifs on the background of the dress.
White Mongolian Brocade: The traditional Mongolian Brocade costume consists of: a sleeveless rectangular neckline with elaborately decorated, short pants to the calf, smooth black leggings, multi-layer bandanna and an apron. Traditional patterns on the brocade background of the White Mong people are created and inspired by familiar everyday items such as hair combs, snails, flowers or melon seeds ... Their embroidery techniques include: : techniques for embroidery, spiral embroidery, and embroidery.
Red Dao Brocade: Brocade clothes of the Red Dao people stand out with their red hats, to the motifs on their overalls and pants. Red is repeated many times in different directions, coordinating harmoniously with the colors white, yellow, and green on the background of indigo, creating the rhythm of red, commensurate with the national soul of Red Dao people, descendants of Ban Vuong.

Costumes of the Red Dao ethnic women
Brocade Dao recruited: The Dao selected extremely smart clothes. With cotton fabric, brocade of the Dao people will help them keep warm in winter and cool in the summer, withstand the harsh weather of the Northern Mountains. With shifting economy, frequent contact with soil, stone ... so the Dao recruited dyed cotton from white to indigo. The custom of living close to nature also greatly influences the patterns that they decorate on clothes, we often see patterns of animals, flowers, leaves, crosses ... thereby also seeing thoughts, lifestyle, feelings and sentiments of the Dao people.
Brocade Ha Nhi: From past to present, Ha Nhi people are famous for suffering. In addition to cultivating rice on terraced fields, they also hand-grow cotton, weave cloth and make their own clothes with their own characteristics. Brocade costumes of men and women, all made from indigo fabric woven by the woman, with characteristic blue or black, striking with curved contours. In addition to clothes, Ha Nhi women pay attention to makeup more gracefully. They created long, shiny black wigs that were carefully braided to accentuate their faces.

Costumes of Ha Nhi ethnic women
Brocade Tay: Costumes of the Tày people are simple, but also create its own distinction, and bring the wearer of pure beauty. Their brocade has a deep, soft, or bright dither. The different shades show that the Tay brocade is not limited in any limited color scheme, showing the rich creativity and diversity of artisans of many generations, which are also the marks of the development. in folk decoration of Tay people.
Giay Brocade: Costumes of Giay women in Lao Cai are also different in Lai Chau or Ha Giang. Giay women wear silk pants and black satin. Women's shirts are colorful, but not white. Ao dai button or cloth button in the right armpit. Stand-neck, cloth-colored edges at the bodice, hem sleeves. The borders were formerly distinguished between old and young: the large contour is for the elderly, while the young are small. Men's clothing is also simple. Men also wear black cotton pants, short black shirts, buttoned up the front of the chest, head wearing indigo dyed cotton towels.
Costumes of Giay ethnic group
Brocade brocade Nung ethnic group: Brocade costume is one of the traditional beauty, the pride of Nung ethnic group. ... Although the patterns of the Nung people always have a deep color tone, not too flashy with large patches of color, but it has a special appeal to the viewers because of the extremely sophisticated and beautiful embroidery lines. Nung Dang women usually wrap two layers of towels on their heads, forming a zone. Towel problem so that like two horns buffalo on both sides. This symbolic expression of the concept of the Nung considered "buffalo is the speculation of industry".
Brocade ethnic Pa Pa: In the colorful flower forest of ethnic costumes, brocade costumes of Pa Di people have a unique beauty. Looking at the overall, this outfit is designed in harmony. The shirt hugs and creates accents with a diagonal trim from the collar to the waist, buttoned on the side. The collar and upper band are silvered with a triangular silver shape, or an inverted mountain shape. Along with a well-proportioned skirt and a blue waist band, it creates a charm for the outfit.
Brocade ethnic minority Xa Xa: create a deep impression when exposed by elaborate brocade costume, beautiful and full of art. The Xa Xa male outfit includes: Handkerchiefs, shirts, pants, belts are all handmade by hand, with materials of self-woven cotton, embroidered with indigo dyed black. On the shirt, there are special traces of the body ripped from the sides, 10cm from the hem of the shirt has stitches of color. The woman's costume is decorated with colorful patterns, mainly hot colors, beyond the natural colors, reflecting the aesthetics and very high aesthetics, showing the strong desire to live, to be people reveal, show through their traditional costumes.
Nowadays, when tourism is increasingly developing and strongly influencing the lives of ethnic minorities in Lao Cai, brocade is not only a traditional costume that preserves cultural features from thousands of generations. of the people but it is also created into many different items such as souvenirs, decorative items in hotels, restaurants and also designed in many unique constructions, creating a new attraction. for brocade Lao Cai.
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