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Canyoning At Love Waterfall – New Tourism Product In Sapa

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New tourism products are one of the important factors to attract and extend the stay of visitors when coming to Sapa. Adventure tourism program – canyoning at Love waterfall being tested is a new tourism product that will surely be interested by many domestic and foreign tourists.

Adventure travel is quite popular in the world, is loved by adventurous tourists and willing to spend big amount to join. In Vietnam, this form of adventure sports tourism is only popular in Da Lat. Recently, in the national tourist area of Sa Pa, within the framework of the cooperation program between Lao Cai province and Nouvelle Aquitaine (France), French experts and volunteers are also building this model. After a thorough survey process, build a suitable experience road and successfully test the operation many times.

Trail to the top of Love waterfall

To participate in the adventure travel program to climb Love Falls, visitors need to move from Sa Pa town to Nui Xe mountain, 15 km from the town. Here, visitors participating in climbing the Love Waterfall will be introduced by the experts and tour guides about the program, familiarize themselves with the service equipment, and choose the right clothes to suit you. The tour guide will guide you in detail about the requirements, techniques and notes to ensure the safest for visitors during the waterfall climbing process

Next, visitors will walk about 20 minutes into the Hoang Lien National Park to the waterfall area. In this position there are two small and low waterfalls for visitors to practice carefully, mastering the techniques and equipment, before heading to Love Waterfall. Love Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the program, with a height of about 37m, will be a big challenge for all visitors.

Challenge for all of visitor from the top of waterfall

Every season of the year is the same, water in streams in Hoang Lien National Park is very cold. But with the help of your body’s thermal clothing, you don’t get cold. After a moment of hesitation with a bit of fear, with determination to overcome yourself, visitors will slide down to Love waterfall, then be happy when they have overcome certain limits of themselves. From Love Waterfall, visitors continue to pass two small waterfalls before finishing the tour to canyouning the waterfall.

Happiness at the end of the trip

This is an adventure tourism program, it is suitable for visitors with good health, do not afraid of heights and swim. Adventure tour program to climb waterfalls in Sapa will be put into operation to enrich tourism products in Sapa. Please contact to: Lao Cai Tourism Information & Promotion Center, No. 02 Fansipan, Sa Pa town, telephone 02143871975 for more information.


    Thanh Tuan

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