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Attractive Tourism Events In Sapa In The Spring Of 2023

15/01/2023 352 0
To welcome the Lunar new year 2023, Sapa will organize the attractive tourism events.
  1. Celebrate Spring and Folklore Festivals in the villages at Lunar New Year 2023
No Name of the festival Time
1 Organizing the cultural activities, arts and folk games in the town January 24 to the end of January 25, 2023
2 Organizing Spring Newspaper Festival January 30 – 31, 2023
3 Singing Festival and Put Tong Festival in Ta Phin commune January 31, 2023
4 The Hmong Cultural Festival January 31, 2023
5 Gau Tao  Festival February 1st , 2023
6 Xoe Festival of the Tay ethnic group February 3rd , 2023
7 Cap Sac ceremony of the Red Dao minority February 2nd  , 2023

Cap Sac ceremonial of red Dao ethnic

  1. Spring Festival Opening Ceremony – Launching the events to celebrate 120 years of Sapa Tourism

– Activities: Organizing the Opening Ceremony associated with Roong Pooc Festival (Giay ethnic group) in Ta Van commune.

– Time: February 3rd, 2023

– Location: Ta Van Commune

Opening Heaven’s gate Festival on Fansipan Mt

  1. Khen – Hoa Festival and Opening Heaven’s gate Festival

– Time: From January to February

– Location: Fansipan cable car station

Nguyen Thuy

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