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How to distinguish Lao Cai fruit (Vietnam) with China

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Summer is a time when there are many delicious fruits. However, there are some Chinese fruits that are easily mixed into the Vietnamese market. Here are tips to help you distinguish and choose the right fruit in the country.

fruit in the country.
Types of fruits Lao Cai - Vietnam China
Plum variety In Lao Cai there are many types of plums but the most famous are plum Hau and Ta Van plums, Tam Hoa plum - Black plum
- Plum rice
The time of Tam Hoa plum ripened from early May to the end of June.
Ta Van plum and plum Hau start from early July to early August Chinese plum sooner, around the end of March already and lasts until the end of September.
Shape and size of Ta Van Plum: Red shell, red intestine, crunchy, grainy, sweet,
Plum: Green, yellow, crunchy, sweet, peeling seeds.
Tam Hoa plum: a red-purple shell mixed with a little green color such as flowers, red gut, sweet, slightly sour, succulent, big fruit.
Black plum: Purple black shell; yellow intestine; soft, succulent.
-Rice rice: green shell, ripe fruit are yellow or reddish; grainy, crunchy and sweet.
Digging Classification Excavating crows (Sa Pa peach)
Dao Bac Ha (with fur and hairless) - Peach and peach, hairless.
-With a hairless peach, both Lao Cai and China have the same shape and shape. You can only distinguish it based on the taste and timing of ripe peaches
Timeline Begin ripening from early April to early May.
May to July
Shape, size Usually about the size of a cup of tea, a lot of hair, but the touch feels smooth. Peaches are slightly curved at the end of the tail (also known as crows digging).
The fruit is bigger than Vietnamese peach, smooth shell or very little feather, nice design.
Color; Flavor The light blue bark blends a little pink on the end of the tail; yellow intestine, crunchy, naturally sweet or slightly acidic, although slightly acidic but with a strong taste.
Time to stay at a temperature usually about 2 to 3 days, quickly damaged The pale pink shell looks very eye-catching, pale yellow flesh, sweet but pale, slightly succulent.
Long time no broken

Some pictures help you distinguish plum and peach of Vietnam and China.

Tam Hoa plum (Northern Comedy) has a light purple color, the shell is covered with a lot of white chalk

Chinese plums are all fruit, smooth and sleek, beautiful shape

Dao Bac Ha

Chinese Dao looks eye-catching

Thuy Trang (ảnh: Phan Phượng)