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Sin Chai – The Traditional Cultural Village Of Mong Ethnic

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Sin Chai is in O Quy Ho ward, Sapa town. Natural landscape of Sin Chai village consists in marvelous terraced rice paddy fields, friendly local people, fresh air, green moutains and stream. The village is two miles far from the town where black Mong people are living. Mong people feed themselves by farming, breeding, weaving and forging here in Sinchai.

(Sinchai village)

Sapa population is 81.857(2019), the Mong account for 51,3%. In Sapa, Mong people live in separate villages such as Sinchai, a self-contained community about several dozen families.

All the Mong here live in their traditional houses. Wooden houses of the Mong have three rooms (two bedrooms and one living room), two lean-tos and two or three house doors, roof of the house often is made of wood too.

Pigpen, chicken coop, byre… are set in righ or left side location of house. Some big trees are planted in front of the house such as pines, peach trees and vegetables are planted round the trees.

Costumes of Mong women are colorful, but the black Mong all wear indigo clothing.

One black Mong woman usually wears dress, calf-length skirt, front and back aprons, wide belt, headwear, indigo leg warmers. Silver necklaces, ear-rings, bracelets, rings, anklets are included.

(One woman in traditional costume)

Mong men all wear indigo clothing too, mostly consisted of shirt, belt, trouser…some men wear Silver necklaces and rings too.

Divorce is rarely happened in one Mong family, one Mong couple usually lives in harmony with one another, together they do farming, together they go to the market.

To feed their family, the Mong can do many different works. Baffalos, cows, chickens, ducks are fed to take meat and do farming.

Vegetables, rice paddy, corn… are planted to eat and earn money. Silver jewelries, textile are made for sale and for use.

Traditional equipments used in farming are made by themselves too.

Local handmade products of the Mong such as one full woman dress, silver necklaces, ear-rings, bracelets, rings, anklets… are bestselling on souvenir market, so, do not forget to purchase these special products if one day you are here in Sinchai, Sapa.

(One Black Mong couple is doing farming in Sinchai)


In Mong people, ancestor worship is very seriously. All dead people are worshipped by all their sons, in Sin Chai.

Ghost of house, forest, stream… are worshipped by the Mong too with many diffirent ceremonies.

If you are now in Cat Cat village, just keep going straight one mile on main road to go to Sin Chai.

You must buy tickets to visit Cat Cat (150.000vnd/adult) but Sin Chai village now is free.

And if you are now in the center of Sapa town, just looking for Fansipan street, go downhill one mile to go to Cat Cat village and keep going straight one mile more on main road to go to Sin Chai village.

There are many signposts, all that will guide you to go to the villages easily. Purchase one Sapa map is needed and you can go to Sin Chai by walk or motorbike which can be rented on street or by taxi, we think it depends on the weather.

There are some necessary warnings for you when visiting Sin Chai:

– Do not come in house of one man without his acceptance and if you see one branch of tree or one bamboo wattle is set in front of one house, that means ‘do not disturb’.

– Do not take seat of the old and seat of someone who was dead (which is vacated and next to family altar) when you have a meal with the Mong.

– Do not have your meal first or lay your bowl face down when you see host of the family burns incense sticks to invite ancestor.

– Do not let your feet towards altar while sleeping and you must take bed which is set for you by host.


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