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Lung Khau Nhin Market

Mường Khương - Lào Cai Xã Lùng Khấu Nhin, Huyện Mường Khương, Tỉnh Lào Cai



If anyone still wonders Sapa travel season is the most beautiful, please list Lung Khin Nhin on the list of sights in Sapa regardless of the season. Forget about the beautiful color time in the sunsets of the terraces thousands of spring or early spring of the Sapa yellow flowers of the heart. Lung Khin Nhin market is held every Thursday morning. Just like any highland market in Sapa, Lung Khanh Nhin impresses with visitors by the radiant colors of cloth, brocade, fresh forest flowers as recently cut off from above. mountain down. The chat, the laughter of the laughter of the seller as the space full of life. Participants of the market are, of course, mostly ethnic H'Mong, Kinh people, Man and some visitors are tourists from quality travel companies or self-visiting. The market also sells household items, poultry and processed foods for daily consumption. Somewhere, people see the beautiful beauty of the red Dao girl, or the gentle, gentle mother of the children go to the market. At times, people see the boys, young people to the market fun jokes, buy and sell also make the market is bustling again busy. Some children joking around the burden or together with their parents tactfully invited guests. Fair as the break the apple newspapers between the Northwest sky quietly poetic.

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