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Restaurant 377

Tổ dân phố Nậm Cáy - Tt Bắc Hà - Huyện Bắc Hà - Tỉnh Lào Cai Thị trấn Bắc Hà, Huyện Bắc Hà, Tỉnh Lào Cai



Located at the intersection of Bac Ha bus station, 200m from Bac Ha cultural market. Restaurant 377 can accommodate 160 guests with open space. Specializes in local ethnic dishes such as: Thang Co, mixed hot pot, spicy hot pot, frog hot pot, duck hot pot. Local dishes such as chicken mixed with laksa leaves, duck mixed with perilla, humiliation... at affordable prices. Coming to 377 restaurant, you will enjoy the taste of Vietnamese cuisine of the unique region, of the rustic mountains and rustic countryside. In order to bring diners the most impressive specialties, the restaurant chef is not only knowledgeable about the local culinary culture but also has to be extremely delicate and flexible in combining spices. It can be said that with the space imbued with the breath of the legendary mountains, the restaurant has given you a place to find the excitement of life, friendship, and romantic values. obscured by the hustle and bustle of the city.

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