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Ta Phin rock garden tourist spot

Thôn Sả Séng Xã Tả Phìn, Thị Xã Sa Pa, Tỉnh Lào Cai



Ta Phin rock garden is a tourism product and service of Ta Phin Xanh Cooperative, Sa Pa with the participation of 10 members. Ta Phin rock garden ecological area with an area of ​​​​over 12 thousand square meters is designed and planned into a closed chain of tourism products and services. This place is designed and renovated without breaking the existing natural landscape structure. Interspersed with million-year-old rock sprouts sprouting thorns throughout the garden are cool green vegetables that are planted and cared for safely to serve the needs of on-site accommodation of visitors. Dotted throughout the rock garden, ancient rose gardens, dahlias, hydrangeas bloom all year round.

The cool underground water geysers erupting from the rock holes are also renovated by the owners into small streams, both providing irrigation water for the system of vegetable gardens, flowers and ornamental plants around the house, as well as for raising special fishes. cold water products such as salmon, sturgeon, flower fish...

The entire system of homestays of Ta Phin Rock Garden Ecological Area is also built and invested in clean and polite interior... Bar, food processing and restaurant area, display area for objects The living facilities of indigenous peoples, or the famous medicinal leaf bathing service area of ​​the Red Dao people are also designed in a large scale and methodically arranged, but still keep the identity of the indigenous people's activities, helping to Guests not only enjoy delicious food, but also enjoy relaxing and poetic holidays.

Ta Phin rock garden eco-zone has closely linked tourism products and services with the preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural values ​​of indigenous peoples. Every week, there is a team of artisans performing traditional musical performances of the Red Dao and Mong ethnic groups, and there are activities to preserve and preserve ancient books in Nom Dao script.

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