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Beautiful spring scenery atop Fansipan

02/03/2021 5993 0
In the picture of four seasons, each season at the top of Fansipan is charming with its own character. But perhaps in spring, Fansipan always wears the most brilliant shirt in favor. If once you have a chance to conquer the highest mountain in Indochina, enjoy the romantic spring scene here, then nothing is equal.
Right from the moment you step into the cable car station, visitors have been overwhelmed by the "spring road" with the pink color of cherry blossoms, the brilliant yellow canola flowers, colorful tulips, beautiful, ... In the middle of the frame The beautiful scene of blooming flowers, the breath of spring is even more filled with the tone of the Northwest highland market, which is very close but no less unique with colored sticky rice, triumphal rice, kitchens, vegetables. Sa Pa typical tubers, ... or the dances, khèn dances, the dances of the ethnic minorities here.

Leaving the cable car cabin with the immense primeval forest, "heaven gate" will appear before your eyes. The journey of discovering the spiritual complex on top of Fansipan will lead visitors to travel in the "fairy-tale realm of Buddha", making any children far and near to come here, the mind becomes quiet. Curved roof corners of Bich Van Thien Tu, Kim Son Bao Thang Tu or Dai Hong Chung guard station…. peek behind clouds; Great Buddha Amitabha statue and Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara mysteriously appear when hidden in the cloud.

Sa Pa spring at the top of Fansipan is truly an invaluable gift from mother nature to this place. Spring is lovely, beautiful, spring is exciting, full of life. Once you conquer the sacred peak to feel, you will understand why people often say that Northwest spring is an experience that anyone should have at least once in their life.

Let's review the beautiful images on the top of Fansipan on the first day of spring:

Ly Phuong Chi

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