Anh Dung Restaurant

Số 06, đường Xuân Viên, thị xã sa pa, tỉnh lào cai Phường Sa Pa, Thị Xã Sa Pa, Tỉnh Lào Cai



Anh Dung Restaurant is located in an easy-to-find location, has a spacious and airy space, decorated with many beautiful landscapes. The table and chairs are arranged clean, polite, extremely suitable for family members to gather or invite friends to gather.This is a crowded tourist destination, so this restaurant is always in a crowded state. in and out. If possible, reserve the dishes in advance to be served the best way ..

Anh Dung Sapa restaurant menu is rich with many dishes. However, the menu is not priced for each dish. When ordering what you should exchange staff to estimate the most suitable meal. The dishes are loved by many people on the menu at the restaurant such as: Salmon hotpot, sturgeon, Sapa mushrooms, horse brains, pork armpits, spring fish, Sapa vegetables. All are extremely cleverly processed to bring out the special taste of the Northwest, making everyone fall in love.

As a popular restaurant, but the service quality here is good, both the owner and the enthusiastic and attentive service staff. You can inquire about the tour, the staff will guide you to many interesting places to explore and enjoy.The service staff is very professional and agile not to let you wait too long. The chefs at the restaurant are also people with many years of experience. The food prepared by these hands is extremely quality and perfect and attractive

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