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Số 71, đường Xuân Viên, Thị xã Sa Pa, Tỉnh Lào Cai Phường Sa Pa, Thị Xã Sa Pa, Tỉnh Lào Cai


Acoustic music

Acoustic music

Free Wifi

Free Wifi


The restaurant is designed in an open space, creating a feeling of airy, and of course there are very "chill" corners. An extremely cozy space if you miss Sapa on a foggy day. (Because the fog hides the path, we won't see anything at all the cafes with mountain views).

When going to the 2nd floor, a little quieter during the day is enough for us to sit and chew on our childhood, the view angle is also wider. And especially on every weekend night, there is always a H’Mong playing the flute for the guests or a very lively live band.

One more special thing, the shop has a snack combo reminiscent of the childhood of the first generation 8x and 9x. The drinks here are super delicious and the owner is also very difficult to change or add to the menu the types of drinks that are trendy, suitable for people, suitable for young people today but of course there are also The drink is still very traditional too. In general, it is worth stepping in to sip and chat with friends, when coming to Sapa

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