What's special about experiencing Bac Ha's ripe rice season?

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Bac Ha ripe rice season from mid-September to mid-October will be an ideal choice for your attractive travel trip with interesting and special experiences.
Admire the "Surprised" beauty of Bac Ha in the ripe rice season

From the center of Bac Ha town, visitors go uphill to Lung Phinh commune and then continue to move to Ta Cu Ty commune - one of the places with the most beautiful terraced fields in Bac Ha. Here, the golden waves of terraced fields spread on the slopes of the mountain slopes, the fragrant rice comes from the mountain wind, the boys and girls exchange smiles and pose for pictures with the beautiful terraced fields. … Each layer of terraced fields is like a rare masterpiece in Vietnam's wet rice civilization created by the Mong people, like a mysterious giant craftsman sculpting the rice. Yellow waves winding across the mountainside, overlapping layers stretch the mountainside to the end…

Yellow waves winding across the mountainside

Speaking of terraced fields in Bac Ha, it is impossible not to mention Ban Lien commune, Ban Lien commune about 30 km from the center of Bac Ha district. Here, the beauty of the stilt houses of the Tay people has been attracting more and more tourists to explore. In the ripe rice season, on the journey to Ban Lien, the images of people threshing rice on the roadside easily attract tourists who love to take pictures. Interspersed between the village and the terraced fields are palm trees creating interesting and fancy highlights. Coming to Ban Lien, the poetic scenery here will make you unforgettable, because the yellow color of the ripe rice season mixed with the green of the palm hills has created a very unique picture of the mountainous region in Lao Cai province.

The picture of a very unique mountainous area in Ban Lien

Enjoy local specialties

Traveling to Bac Ha, in addition to admiring the majestic beauty of the ripe rice fields, coming here, visitors also cannot miss some unforgettable special dishes. Na Lo com has the sweet aroma of young glutinous rice and the sweet and cool taste that contains the essence of heaven and earth. Com is often eaten with ripe bananas, ripe red persimmons or can also be used to cook duck porridge, sticky rice, tea and seasoned with dishes such as fried spring rolls, fried shrimp, fried meat ...

Na Lo nuggets have the sweet aroma of young sticky rice

Banh chung is a unique dish of the Tay people in Bac Ha. You can find this dish in the markets. The special thing about Banh Chung is its shape and color. When eating, the cake will be cut into small pieces or eaten whole, you will see the plasticity and aroma from the shell to the cake.

Unique dishes of the Tay people in Bac Ha

The ripe rice season in Bac Ha with beautiful scenery "surprised" and delicious specialties is definitely a very special experience for you when autumn comes.

Phan Thanh Nhan

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