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Traveling to Sapa in the Christmas season 2018: Discover a unique snow space

16/12/2018 3776 0
Snow discovery program is held from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on December 24-31, 2018 at many locations in Sa Pa district such as: Lao Cai Tourism Promotion and Information Center, Pants Stadium and Station Area of Fansipan Cable Car.

If you have not been able to admire the snowy scene or romantic snowflakes like in Europe, then travel to Sapa at this Christmas season, you will have the opportunity to discover and experience the unique snow space. and lots of interesting and unique activities. This is one of the outstanding activities of Sapa Winter Festival 2018.

The Sapa snow discovery program will recreate the unique and only snowy space in Sapa with many impressive scenes and unique "check-in" places such as snow gardens, snow villas, snow roads. , snowflakes, snowfall... so you can enjoy, explore and save beautiful frames with your friends and loved ones. In addition, the program also has many cultural activities, arts, attractive folk games that you can directly participate in the experience, relax, relax your body in exciting music and games such as: : Pushing sticks, walking on stilts, jumping stalls, beating gongs, archery, making snowmen...; Teambuilding games; traditional cuisine of Vietnam and Sapa; Display of Brocade and local agricultural products, tourist gifts; Display and rental of traditional national costumes; Performances of cultural performances, performances of love songs, performances of pipe singing, flute-playing of the H'Mong...And especially with the show, the unique fire dance performance of the Red Dao ethnic people will leave you with a lot of memories. interesting, impressive.

Surely, with meticulous and meticulous investment and preparation, Sapa's snow space in the 2018 Christmas season will bring you great experiences. From now on, arrange a travel itinerary to come to Sapa.

Lưu Vân Anh

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