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Tourism enters a new era in historical moment

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On July 9, 1960, Prime Minister Pham Van Dong signed and promulgated Decree No. 26 CP on the establishment of Vietnam Tourism Company under the Ministry of Foreign Trade, marking the birth and development of the tourism industry. Viet Nam's calendar.
In the early days of establishment, when the country was still at war, the tourism industry made great efforts to overcome all challenges, gradually expanding tourism facilities in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Tam Island, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An... Since then, it has successfully completed its political tasks, safely and qualitatively serving a large number of guests of the Party and State, and expert delegations from socialist countries. brothers and sisters to help Vietnam carry out two tasks of building socialism in the North and liberating the South to reunify the country; and at the same time welcome, serve and meet the tourism, sightseeing and vacation needs of officials, soldiers and people.

Looking back at the 61-year journey of formation and upward development of Vietnam's tourism industry, we can't help but be proud when the industry was born during the arduous war years, but still ensure to serve the Party's delegations well. The State, having overcome many difficulties, gradually strengthened its team, organization and material and technical foundations to gradually transition to the socialist-oriented market mechanism, then transformed itself to rise strongly in the country. the period when the country opened up and integrated into the world to get to the stature it is today.

Proudly looking back on the 61-year history of construction and development, Vietnam's tourism industry has gradually become a spearhead economic sector, with an increasingly important position of the country, welcoming and serving over 100 million visitors. domestic and international tourists, contributing 9.2% of GDP, creating millions of jobs and driving the development of many other industries and fields. The tourism industry was honored to be awarded the Ho Chi Minh Order by the Party and State and many other noble awards and titles.

In that historical flow, Lao Cai tourism was also established and went up to have a growing stature like today. From 1903 when Sa Pa resort was formed, to 1991 when the General Department of Tourism was merged into the Ministry of Trade and Tourism, Chairman of Lao Cai Provincial People's Committee tasked with the Department of Trade and Tourism of Laos province. Cai performs the function of State management of tourism in the locality. Up to now, after 30 years of re-establishing the province, Lao Cai tourism has really matured. In the 2016-2020 period, the average tourist growth rate will reach 22.6%/year, total tourist revenue will increase on average by 44.2%/year/. In 2019, Lao Cai welcomed 5.1 million visitors, total tourism revenue reached VND 19,200 billion, creating jobs for 32,000 workers.

Lao Cai is gradually becoming the most attractive tourist destination in the region and has gradually affirmed its position, being identified as an industry with a breakthrough development in the economic structure of the province. Sa Pa National Tourist Area is highly rated, continuously included in the list of top destinations in Vietnam such as: Top 8 top destinations in Vietnam by TripAdvisor's Choice, Top 2 "5 most famous and beautiful destinations" Vietnam” by the Huffington Post (USA) electronic newspaper,… The wonder of Sapa terraced fields was also praised by Travel and Leisure (USA) as one of the 7 most magnificent terraced fields in Asia and the world. In 2012, Sa Pa was introduced by the world's leading travel magazine Lonely Plannet Traveler (UK) as one of the five great destinations for tourists' vacations when coming to Vietnam.

Up to now, tourism in Lao Cai province has achieved many important achievements, contributing to the rapid growth of the province and is gradually affirming the role of "a spearhead", having a breakthrough development in economic development - provincial society. Tourism products have been formed and developed relatively clearly such as resort tourism, cultural tourism, community tourism, spiritual tourism, etc. Attracting tourism investment from non-budget capital sources implemented quite effectively with a series of large projects on tourism services that have been implemented and put into operation. Lao Cai - Sa Pa tourism brand is gradually positioned in the minds of domestic tourists and international friends.

Sapa National Tourist Area (photo: Trung Kien)

Looking back at the historical moment, Vietnam's tourism was formed during the war, went through the war to unify the country and jointly contributed to the achievements of building socialism in the past 61 years. Now, Vietnam's tourism in general and Lao Cai's tourism industry in particular have entered another battle, both fighting against the Covid-19 century epidemic while recovering and developing the industry in the new situation, ensuring development strategy with many suitable and breakthrough solutions, promoting the potential, enthusiasm, creativity and dynamism of the industry in order to recover and achieve a higher growth rate, complete achieve the goals and tasks set out in the coming years.

The majestic Fansipan peak - an attractive destination in Lao Cai (photo: To Ba Hieu)

With a strategic vision and specific planned steps, we will continue to write history, overcome difficulties, create momentum and position to make great strides, create solid achievements to record more achievements. New achievements from the proud historical mark on July 9 every year - Vietnam tourism day!

Pham Tat Thanh

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