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The valley of the terraced fields of The Pa in the ripe rice season

17/09/2021 2313 0
Autumn comes is also the season of the ripe golden terraced fields, immense throughout the Thà Pa Valley, so that anyone who has been to and experienced once will surely not forget it.
Lung The Pa valley, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province is located in the territory of two communes Y Ty and Ngai Thau, most of which belong to Lao Chai, Choan Then, Sin Chai (Y Ty) and Phin Chai (Ngai Thau) villages. Vietnam's paradise valley with "expensive scenery", the masterpieces of terraced fields are breathtakingly beautiful. The thousands of places here are really a painting painted with the most authentic textures of nature, bearing the characteristics of the Northwest mountains.

In autumn, all the hills gradually change, turning from the green color of the eyes to the yellow of the morning sun. The wind is filled with the gentle fragrance of new rice.

Here and there on the terraced fields, laughter and laughter, hands quickly gathering autumn to fill the drying yard. It is not only because of the moment when the whole world put on a golden autumn shirt, not just the sweet fragrance in the wind. But also because, that's when the results of a long year's labor of the children in the mountains are crystallized, deposited in each fragrant, flexible white grain.

Due to the harsh weather and typical terrain factors, Y Ty can only cultivate one rice crop per year. Therefore, the terraced fields not only bring aesthetic beauty but also have great meaning to the lives of the people here.

Ignoring the hustle and bustle of the city and the daily joys and sorrows, visit the valley of the terraced fields in the ripe rice season to experience peace and enjoy beautiful moments like heaven.

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