The ripe pear season in the highlands of Si Ma Cai

24/06/2021 720 0
Pear trees have been continuously expanded by the people of Si Ma Cai in recent years. This is a tree that is quite suitable for local weather conditions, giving ripe, sweet and juicy fruits. Especially for income many times higher than growing corn and rice.
​Lung Than commune, SI Ma Cai district is one of the communes that grow many Le Tai Nung and Le Xanh trees with a total of 312 hectares, 60 hectares of which are being harvested. During this June period, the pear tree is starting to harvest. Going from the headquarters of the People's Committee of Lung Than commune into Seng Sui village, along the two sides of the road, we will see many Le gardens that have been invested in, applied science and technology, have a drip irrigation system, and have a fruit support system. Constructed of sturdy steel columns. Thanks to the climate and soil, Lung Than commune is suitable for temperate fruit trees to grow to produce quality, crispy, fragrant and juicy pears.

​In order to help people access science and technology, the People's Committee of Si Ma Cai district has promoted the construction of models such as: making iron frames, drip irrigation in key communes, asking specialized agencies to subject, actively guide farmers in pruning, creating canopy, using organic fertilizers, to ensure that the fruits have beautiful designs and good quality, in order to increase the value on a cultivated area.

People are also aware of improving the quality of their products, investing in good agricultural care. Although during the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, the price of fruits is at the lowest price ever, but pears still maintain their prices, dominated by the quality of large, regular fruits, So beautiful, some places can still sell for 20-50 thousand VND/kg.

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