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The Red Dao of Lao Cai

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Lễ Pút tồng của người Dao đỏ ở Lào Cai

The Red Tail (Red Tail) of the Red Dao in Lao Cai is the most important ritual in the ancestor worship of the people. In the Dao, "Put" means dancing, "dangling" means copper. Pooting is both a way of performing the ceremony and also means a ritual of worshiping the ancestors of the Red Dao.

The birth of the ritual is associated with some legends about the migration of the Dao, such as:

- When migrating to Vietnam due to drought, crop failure and chaos, the Dao and Hmong keep the ancestors' souls in their arms, while the Giay people leave their ancestors in the lap. By the river, the Giay cut off the lap of an ancestral vest, while the Dao and Hmong could not cut their hands, so after entering the new land, they set up altars to worship ancestors with pictures. The statue is a statue and a sword. From then on, on the first day of the new year, the Dao celebrated the Feast of Pongs to bathe their ancestors (statues and swords), preparing for the new year. This is also a chance to show gratitude to the previous generation and pray for them to have a good and prosperous New Year.

- During the migration to the sea to find the way of life of 12 families under the Dao, after months of floating on the sea, but suddenly the boat of the Dao family encountered storms, waves, big winds want to sink the boat, their lives are threatened. In the endangered, the Dao families ask for prayers, asking the Wang and his ancestors to help them overcome the tribulation, to land safely and promised to give thanksgiving. The aspirations, from then on, as promised, Dao families organize rituals. The purpose of the ritual to express gratitude to ancestors (Pan Wang) saved the Dao network in the sea far in the past; train the soldiers to protect family life, family line; pray for the ancestors blessing, protect all members of the family are healthy, prosperous, ...

The Red Dwarfs held the New Year's Day on the lunar new year. Day work is decided by the head and usually avoids the taboos of the family. The ritual place is usually the family head of the Red Dao family. This is the most important ritual in worshiping the Red Dao ancestors, so the preparation is always done before the long, thoughtful and serious organization. The head stands out as the main source, both for gifts and props. The main offerings include chicken, wine, rice, fruit cake, ... The ritual objects include the altarpiece, the spear, the worshiper's clothes, flags, weapons, etc.

The 11-step procession and most of the ritual offerings are performed through dance moves. Dances are performed successively throughout the ritual process, the prayers are almost wrapped in the dance. As they dance, they always praise the gods and dances used as divine pleasures, expressing deep gratitude to their ancestors, gods and saints. Although dancing is a form of dance before the god, but when the Red Dao ceremony, there is the guidance of the "Ma Maiden", "Ma Master" in the dance. Ritual dance is usually performed by men only, partly as a reflection of the social structure, the patriarchal family of the Red Dao. Teacher, the teacher set the secret rules to protect the unique role of men in the ritual.

Music and language are also important artistic components of the ritual. Instruments used in ceremonies include drum, bar, cassette. Music in the ritual is not rigorous in nature, sometimes only in the absence of rhythm, specific beats, but express in the state of emotional speed, unusual slow. Music and dance blend very naturally, creating a lively performance. The words used in the poem are mainly the whispered words of the worshipers, the shouting of the dancer, making the atmosphere of the poet more exciting and sacred, mysterious, ...

Ritual ceremony is a very important ritual in the spiritual life of the Red Dao and is the connection between the realm of the realm and the realm, between the living and the dead, ... This is a liturgy ancestors, gods to pray for the care, protection from the supernatural beings of the Red Dao. The ritual practice of the ritual acts to encourage the spirit of the person who lives before the loss of loved ones, at the same time, also helps them to consolidate their faith in life with the help of the deceased.

The retreat incorporates folk performing arts, such as dance, music, language and especially ritual, which are important in the spiritual life of the Red Dao. The dances are the main element, creating the unique character of the ritual, creating the spirituality between the bare and the divine, leading the Red Dao to find strength and belief in life, national traditions. , ...

Goodwill is being practiced well, with effective safeguards, community-nominated and committed to protection. With typical historical, cultural and scientific values, the Feast of Tabernacles

Thu Trang (Theo Hồ sơ di sản, tư liệu Cục Di sản văn hóa)

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