The Mong's Cultural experience program at the Cat Cat Tourism Area

23/08/2019 1396 0
The Mong's Cultural experience program at the Cat Cat Tourism Area is one of the activities in the series of Sapa Autumn Festival 2019 events .

The Cat Cat village is one of the attractive destinations has attracted the domestic and foreigner tourists come to visited and experienced. There are many activities has organized to serving the tourists that are " The Mong's Cultural experience program" from the September 1st, 2019 to October 30th, 2019.

This year, " The Mong's Cultural experience program " is expected to have many interesting activities to served the tourists: Organizing the cultural activities - folk arts, folk games; Performing the traditional handicrafts such as linen making, weaving, silver carving; Discovering the Cat Cat tourist area landscapes such as: the flower garden, the wooden bridge, pounding rice, water ... In addition, the event of the Mong ethnic cultural festival in Cat Cat is also an opportunity for the local people introduce the unique traditional cultural beauty of the Mong people in Cat Cat village in particular and Sa Pa district in general to the visitors.

Coming to Sapa this autumn, the visitors do not miss the opportunity to experience this unique and interesting culture. Besides, the Cat Cat Tourism Area also creates the advantage conditions for the local people in the area joining to provide the services of food and drink, guest house, souvenirs for the tourists.

Phan Thanh Nhan

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