Strengthen the preventive measures to respiratory disease by Corona virus

27/01/2020 866 0
In the situation of respiratory disease by corona virus is very complicated, Lao Cai Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism recommends Tourism Associations and tourism businesses to implement the following measures:

1. For international travel businesses welcoming tourists to Vietnam:

- Strictly abide by the regulations and recommendations of Ministry of Health and the competent agencies on ensuring the prevention of Corona virus infection.

- Promptly report and abide by the instructions of the local authorities if detecting cases of tourists showing the most illness, especially tourists from countries and territories where infected patients have been infected nCoV virus.

- Inform and guide for officials, staff, guides and workers who take measures to prevent and control epidemics and avoid transmission if there are cases of tourism-related incidents.

2. For international travel businesses:

- Do not organize tours for visitors to areas at high risk of nCoV infection as recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health.

- Take measures to prevent nCoV virus diseases for tourists while traveling abroad and provide guidance and full information to tourists to actively coordinate the disease prevention.

- Pay attention to tour guides to enhance the health assurance of tour visitors, timely information to local health agencies and diplomatic missions of Vietnam abroad when tourists have health problems, especially symptoms related to nCoV virus.

- The units that welcome visitors through Lao Cai international border gate to strictly abide by the regulations of the health agencies taking measures at the border areas of epidemic prevention and control. Do not carry out procedures for visitors, tourists crossing the border when not complying with measures to prevent and control Corona.

3. For tourist accommodation and business establishments:

- Regularly update the information of the authorities to prevent and control diseases related to tourists.

- Comply with the regulations of local authorities, preventive medicine agencies and have early plans to prevent, quarantine and deal specifically with cases of epidemic transmission through tourism or in the community, ensuring absolute safe and health of tourists and workers at the service business.

4. For Tourism associations: Lao Cai, Sa Pa

- Urgently propose measures to prevent and combat Corona disease, propagate to guides, members of the Association to know and prevent epidemics, noting the recommendations of health agencies and measures disease prevention at Lao Cai international border-gate area, a crowded area.

- On the basis of announcing the suspension of travel agencies from Ha Khau Hong He district, Yunnan province, China, requesting tourism businesses welcoming visitors to inform for  partners and tourists, recommend businesses not to take tourists through Lao Cai international border gate, research other products and tourism services to replace cross-border tourism programs.

Translated by To Uyen

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