Ta Van plum is known as Vietnamese Cherry

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If in the early spring of Ta Van Chu, Bac Ha is famous for Ta Van plum garden with white flowers, then in June this place is bustling with fruit picking season. Ta Van plum here is known as Vietnamese cherry.
Photo: Ta Van plum is fresh, juicy, a specialty of the Bac Ha plateau

Ta Van plum is a special plum variety that is grown a lot in the highland communes of Bac Ha and Si Ma Cai. It is very picky about planting, only gives juicy, crunchy fruit when grown at an altitude of over 1500 m above sea level. This is probably a factor that creates the special flavor of Ta Van plum and it is not natural that it is called Vietnamese Cherry. In the highland communes of Bac Ha and Si Ma Cai, Ta Van plum is grown the most in Ta Van Chu commune, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai.

The plum has a red outer skin covered with white chalk, the inside is bright red, the taste is sweet and crunchy, and the ripe fruit has a sweet taste. Simply dipping plums with a little wet salt is enough to make many people crave. More sophisticated, sliced ​​with paprika and sugar is eaten immediately. In addition to being eaten fresh, plums are also used to make extremely delicious, cool and nutritious dishes and drinks such as plum jam, plum syrup, plum juice, plum pickles, plum yogurt... price from 20,000 VND / kg to 40,000 VND / kg depending on the size of the fruit.

Photo: Plums come to harvest.

Currently, anywhere you can enjoy Ta Van - Bac Ha plums because plums have been sold by traders in all regions of the country. However, if you come to Bac Ha at this time and hand-pick and enjoy the fresh plums right in the plum garden, you will feel more wonderful than ever.

Photo: Ripe plums become Bac Ha's brand that captivates travelers

Visit Ta Van plum garden, sip a cup of tea with a little dew on the leaves, enjoy the sweetness of ripe plums. Standing in the middle of a cool red, green, green plum garden, the wind gently blowing, the sound of wild birds chirping in the ear, we dreamily bit the ripe red plum, full of fullness, the feeling of crunchy and sweet taste spreads on the tip of the tongue, in the heart. Do you ever feel like you want to have a plum farm of your own?

Ta Van plum wine

Leaving the hot, uncomfortable and stuffy city of the city to Bac Ha where the climate is fresh, cool and comfortable. Especially, being directly picked and rewarded with fresh plum kidneys right on the tree will be an interesting experience.

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