Si Ma Cai, Lao Cai new destination this summer

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Si Ma Cai, an ancient land in the border region with many interesting things, attracts souls who are passionate about discovering strange lands. Let's explore this beautiful land with us.
Located about 30km from Bac Ha, Si Ma Cai is located on the upstream of the Chay River, a place with pristine scenery, cool and fresh climate. Especially the unique culture of ethnic minorities. This land is surrounded by many majestic and majestic limestone mountains. Si Ma Cai is considered an attractive destination for tourists, especially in the summer.

Houses with earthen walls and tiled roofs create an ancient and pristine scene

Summer is a green color covered everywhere, by corn fields and rice fields. The terraced fields are under the husband's daughter, layer after layer, creating a soft, cool green carpet. This is the highlight that creates the beauty of the land of Si Ma Cai. Going to Sin Cheng commune, visitors will admire such terraced fields. Standing from above, looking down at the valley with cool green curves, soft winding.

Velvet terraced fields are soft and green

Arriving at Thao Chu Phin and Nan Sin communes in Si Ma Cai district, visitors will discover the smoky safflower forests, somewhere where the sound of birds chirping, the sound of children playing and the sound of flutes. poetic, lyrical scene. Going down the Chay river bank in Ban Me commune is a place with peaceful and poetic scenery. From here, visitors can go down the Chay river lake to Coc Ly (Bac Ha district) to admire the vast and unspoiled riverside scenery.

It is a pity when traveling to Si Ma Cai that you skip exploring the market. On Wednesdays, visit Sin Cheng market and Si market Sunday, visitors will discover the unique market culture of the highland people. The market sells products made by the local ethnic people, besides the colorful brocade of ethnic groups in the brocade stalls. Do not forget to enjoy interesting and new dishes such as Sin Chéng duck, Thang Co, pho, corn cakes, donuts, etc., which are famous throughout the Si Ma Cai region. Especially, Can Cau market is held every Saturday. The market is also known as the buffalo market. Because each market here takes place in addition to essential items, there will be hundreds of buffaloes traded.

Colorful market colors

Don't miss your appointment this summer to discover Si Ma Cai, cool fresh climate but also discover many interesting things.

Nguyen Ngoc Tuan

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