Seo My Ty - Peaceful retreat in the mountains of Hoang Lien forest

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Discover Seo My Ty - a new land that still retains the characteristics of the Mong village in Sapa will make you have a strange peaceful feeling.

Seo My Ty - tourist destination is quite new to tourists when visiting Sa Pa National tourist area, is a small village of Ta Van commune, deep in the core of Hoang Lien National Park, far from Sa Pa about 20km. It has a great potential for developing various types of ecotourism and culture associated with Sapa's new Hmong community, attracting tourists who love the peace and explore the nature and mountains of the West. North.

The village on Séo My Ty
To get to Seo My Ty, visitors will go through the most beautiful scenic tourist route in Sa Pa - Muong Hoa valley, then continue through the center of Lao Chai, Ta Van or the ancient stone beach. From Ta Van center, going up to Seo My Ty, the road is quite difficult to go, only suitable for motorcycles or cars with 2 bridges because this is a new destination, but in return, you will see the whole scene of Muong Hoa valley, Terraced heritage, beautiful bamboo forest is strictly protected by indigenous people, etc.

View on the way to Seo My Ty
After about 1 hour by car, you will be amazed at the peaceful, romantic natural scenery, almost separated from the noisy life in the city. In front of you is the clear Seo My Ty lake, known as the highest artificial lake in Indochina. The lake is about 60ha wide, formed after the construction of Se Trung Trung Ho hydroelectricity. On the surface of the lake, there are occasional small boats, or bamboo arrays to serve the travel needs of people on either side of the lake or for tourists to take photos. The poetic scenery will remind you of the frames in the movie or the famous glass cup famous somewhere. In the other corner are fish cages built by people around the lake to release salmon and other types of fish to take advantage of the clean water in the lake, which is also one of the important sources of income contributing to improving the lives of people. Seo My Ty's relatives.

Ho Seo My Ty
Surrounding the Seo My Ty lake are small villages of about 80 Hmong households who have settled and cultivated here for generations, almost preserving the characteristics of the Mong village in Sapa with The roofs of po mu wooden roofs, the terraced fields winding around wooden houses, peach trees, plum trees, vegetable gardens, herds make you have a strange peaceful feeling. Coming to Seo My Ty, you should also take time to walk in the primeval forest with the locals, admire the immense forests, many precious woods, hear the sounds of holy birds somewhere behind the trees, watching Cardamom forest is waiting for harvest day ...

Peaceful life in Seo My Ty
It is known that the People's Committee of Lao Cai province has announced the planning and planning regulations of Seo My Ty eco-tourism area to orient tourism protection, exploitation and development, and protect Hoang Lien's natural heritage and culture. , view; set up typical ecotourism planning; effective land management; promote the initiative of indigenous people in the process of development and management of eco-tourism in Seo My Ty area ...
A day of experience, exploring the beautiful scenery, life, and peace in Seo My Ty is definitely not enough, but it certainly has saved in visitors' memories images, new and unforgettable feelings about many attractive places in Sapa. The feeling of attachment leaving for the nearest day to come back to learn more about this land will be the common feeling of many tourists./.
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