Seng Cu rice is delicious and famous

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Séng Cu rice grown in Muong Khuong district (Lao Cai) is a kind of plain rice that many culinary followers traveling to Lao Cai choose to buy as gifts for relatives and friends because of the special delicious taste nowhere. have been.

Séng Cu Muong Rice is grown in the mountains with clean water, during the day the temperature only fluctuates in the range of 20-25 degrees Celsius, the sun shines a little, at night there is a lot of dew. With the traditional farming method, Séng Cu rice has a growing time of 3 to 4 months, a year of growing 2 crops is spring and summer crops, harvested in April - May and October.

Sieng Cuu rice field - Photo of TT Gate of Muong Khuong district

If you come to Muong Khuong on the right time of harvesting rice, you will be impressed by the Séng Cu Cuu cotton fields, solid seeds, beautiful shadows, aroma spreading throughout the mountains. Séng Rice with high nutritional content such as content of vitamin E, vitamin B1, B3, B6, fiber and other nutritional indicators is 4-6 times higher than other types of rice. The rice is long and hard when cooked into rice, which has a scent of nuggets of rice, and is soft, soft and has a strong sweet taste.

Long grain rice with high nutritional content

Séng Cu Muong Rice is famous for its deliciousness, just smell the aroma when the rice cooker has been attractive and when you eat, you will feel your stomach like a bottomless barrel. In the winter when eating with dishes such as braised fish, braised meat or fried chicken, shrimp shrimp ... it is great.

Bundled into convenient bags to buy as gifts

If you have the opportunity to travel to Lao Cai, the Séng Cu Muong Khuong rice is one of the special gifts of Lao Cai mountains and forests for you to buy as gifts and enjoy with relatives and friends.

Luu Van Anh

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