Sapa four beautiful seasons

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There is a very different Sa Pa, very strange, always beautiful, beautiful, whether spring - summer or autumn - winter, whether fog or bright sunshine.

Bustling and full of joy, is Sa Pa when spring comes. Incorporating shiny, beeswax-colored clothes, with a new smell of indigo, Mongolian boys and girls went out. Every New Year comes, spring comes, the whole sky of Sapa is like a fairy awakening from a long sleep. Trees sprouting buds, apricot peaches and other blooming, seeming nowhere more beautiful! The tourists coming to Sapa this season, must definitely rent a traditional costume of ethnic minorities, to mingle with the influx of people coming to the festival to admire, but enjoy. So many games and rituals are full of upland culture colors.

Fresh Sapa spring through the cherry blossoms

Do you often hear Sa Pa is the "summer capital" of the North? That was always true, whether it was hundreds of years ago or later. Because Sa Pa has a subtropical climate that no province, northern Vietnam can have. It is a great advantage so that when summer comes, Sa Pa attracts a large number of tourists from all over the country to relax and relax on hot summer days. In the summer, this place has an average temperature of 15 to 27 degrees Celsius, very cool and airy. In the morning or at night, when you want to take a walk around the street, you should also bring a thin coat because it will be cold. Not only has a pleasant climate, summer here is also a paradise of flowers. Come on roses, lilies, lavender, hydrangeas, petunia, daisies ... countless flowers blooming in the yellow sunshine, light breezes will make you still want to leave.

Green summer days in Sapa

Last summer, autumn will come! Sa Pa put on a golden coat of fields, terraced fields, iridescent sunlight. The terraced fields of Sapa are ripe all over the space, the smell of new straw, the smell of nuggets of autumn, the smell of upland rice and the smell of happiness, fulling with the smoky romantic distractions. any discerning tourist ever to Sapa in the fall. Anyone who has come here this season, sipping sweet nuggets, holding their loved ones' hands along Muong Hoa valley will find life so many beautiful things. Will appreciate every day we live, cherish the things are holding in their hands.

The autumn color of Sapa is shining on the terraced fields

Summer and autumn are attractive, but what about winter? Is the cold, the fog covered with sadness and gloom? What you say is not wrong. But that is what makes Sapa different from other places. Winter here is more tranquil, more pensive than down the plains. Because dense fog makes you walk slower, look slower, and live ... also slower. That's why we have more time to sit next to each other, by the fire, talk about life and stories that seem to never end.

Winter Sapa covered in white snow

The beauty of the winter of Sapa is not only in the dewy grass, not only in the scene of the mysterious stone church, not only in the smoke flying across the hills. But the beauty is also in the umbrellas that the two of you cover to go home every afternoon, the beauty still shimmering on the blushing cheeks of the upland girl here. And in the winter, it will always be a peaceful memory to all who have gone through it.

And you see, Sapa is always beautiful season, so please choose the right time to travel Sapa. If you have time to come to Sapa in different seasons to feel all the beauty that no other place has, nature is especially preferential for Sapa national tourist area.

Hoai Thu

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