Sapa canyoning - Adventure tour, discover Sapa nature

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Canyoning tour is an adventure tour, exploring nature in Sapa. Participating in this tour, you will experience many activities such as walking on Hoang Lien mountain, overtaking terrain, jumping freely into the water, swinging rope down the waterfall and cliffs, swimming ...

In Dalat this adventure tour has been exploited for a long time. But in Sa Pa, it just started working. This is a completely new experience activity for tourists visiting Sapa. When participating in this tour you will have to use special skills but please be assured, the professionally trained guides will guide you how to use safety equipment, technical swing, how to walk between the waterfall ... and how you overcome yourself when facing challenges.

From Sa Pa, you move to Tram Ton, where you will be equipped with safety helmets, belts, reducers, specialized swimwear and gloves, and instructions on how to use the safety equipment. In particular, you will practice manipulating swing and aerial handling skills ... After that, you will walk about 20 minutes through the canopy of primeval forest of Hoang Lien National Park to the top of Love Waterfall - where start for the challenge. Once you've mastered the operations, you'll start swinging down the first cliff and then drop yourself down to the water below.

Next is the most spectacular part of the program: swing down the 40-meter high Love Love stream. You will have to walk on the rocks with the water pouring into the cool person and letting yourself jump into the water. And finally, free swimming, waving in the middle of the cool water lake at the foot of the waterfall.
Ending the program will definitely bring you a great feeling and don't forget to bring a camera to save those moments.

Coming to Sapa to experience Sapa canyoning is a great choice to stay away from the hot heat of summer. If you want to know more details, please contact Lao Cai Tourism Information and Promotion Center for free advice. Address: No. 02 Fansiapan, Sapa town, Lao Cai. Phone: 02143 871 975 (office hours). Email:

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