Sa Pa District organize an event for tourist to experience “one day on a terraced field”

26/08/2019 1719 0
The Event “One day on a terraced field” will take place from September 8 to the end of September 9, 2019 on Lao Chai commune, Sa Pa district, in honor of the National Terraced Fields Landscape and the cultural values of the ethnic people in Sapa, raise the awareness of conservation, promote the value of tourist attractions when coming to Sapa.
Terraced rice fields in Lao Chai commune
Tourists took photos to commemorate the ripe rice season

"One day on a terraced field" has the main contents such as the experience of harvesting rice paddy by manual methods on terraced fields, performing cereal making, "dày" cakes and participating in cultural games and folk activities of Mong ethnic people in the area.

Joining the activity, visitors can join with families in the area of Lao Chai commune such as preparing trays, attending rituals and enjoying dishes with bold national identity.

Written by Pham Kinh. Translated by Bui Ha

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