Notice when traveling to Lao Cai in rainy season

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Summer is an ideal time for visitors to Lao Cai to admire the beautiful scenery, enjoy the fresh, cool atmosphere with famous destinations such as Sa Pa, Y Ty (Bat Xat), Bac Ha.

Regularly update the weather information of the destination

Updating the weather information about the destination will help you know if those destinations are affected by storms, favorable traffic or landslides to prepare for any situation. You can access the weather information of destinations of Lao Cai throught Lao Cai's websites or fanpage, such as,, or; and Facebook fanpage If you want to look up information about Lao Cai tourism anytime, anywhere, you should install the App: Lao Cai Tourism. It will fastly help you access convenient information.

Prepare furniture and choose the right type of travel.

You should have raincoats in your luggage and remember to bring a thin jacket to keep warm because the temperature in the rainy season in the highlands of Lao Cai often decreases, which can easily cause a cold. When traveling between destinations, you should be careful to wrap plastic outside the electronice device, especially smart phones and camera.

Choosing the right type of tourism is also an important factor to help you reduce unexpected risks. During rainy days, you should not choose mountain climbing tours, because slippery roads dangerous and often landslides, rock slides. Although small rivers and streams, on rainy days often has suddenly floods. Therefore, you should consider when choosing tours to visit the village through streams and waterfalls. If unfortunately you are isolated in a flooded area, you should seek safe shelter, seek the help of local people. You should not cross the river because you're very easily swept away by the water.

Therefore, to ensure safety when traveling to Lao Cai in the rainy season, it is recommended that you regularly update information on the situation of storms and floods in destinations. For updates on weather conditions for the upcoming trip, contact us: The Lao Cai Tourist Information and Promotion Center at No.02, Fansipan street, Sapa town. Hotline: +84 214 3871 975

Written by Luu Van Anh – Translated by Bui Ha


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