Spots to avoid summer heat when traveling to Lao Cai

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Summer - the season of sweltering heat, making you lose all energy and tired. To dispel fatigue, heat, relax after stressful working days, where will you go? Lao Cai Tourism introduces a few reliable addresses for you to choose from.
1. Sapa

This is probably the first place you think of when traveling to Lao Cai is Sa Pa - a place with a cool climate all year round, with lush green fruits. A great resort for those who want to get away from the sweltering early summer sun. From Lao Cai city, go 20 km in the direction to Sa Pa town, you will feel the change of climate, the air cools up. Coming to the town center, down to the villages, you will feel the atmosphere is really great, cool, airy, fresh and quiet. This will really be a great vacation spot for this summer.

Clouds flow in the summer of Sapa (Trung Kien)

2. Y Ty, Bat Xat

In addition to Sa Pa, there is a place that is no longer new but has been discovered and chosen by young people as a unique place for snow hunting, cloud hunting, and summer vacation, which is Y Ty commune in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai. Y Ty has a wonderful climate, cool climate all year round, summer temperature ranges from 18 to 250C. This is a place where tourists are coming to explore, visit the pristine beauty and enjoy the cool fresh air of this place. Y Ty is also the only place in Lao Cai where Nhi Ha ethnic group lives. Coming to Y Ty, many people like to go by motorbike because they will be able to explore, conquer beautiful roads and explore the scenery of mountains and villages in the extremely cool weather of this place.

The vast space of the mountains and forests (Ly Xa Xuy)

3. Bac Ha

Bac Ha has a weather similar to that in Sa Pa, cool all year round, green trees. Especially in the summer of Bac Ha, the vast green Tam Hoa plum gardens make us feel the heat of summer as disappearing. Coming to Bac Ha, you should not miss enjoying the famous sour pho here. The cool taste of pho water, the aroma of pho cake, the sweetness of char siu… will make you eat once and remember forever. Green scenery, fresh air, help you dispel the hot summer sun.

Green grassland of Bac Ha Ngai Thau (Huy Trung)

4. Si Ma Cai

Traveling to Lao Cai, you should not miss to explore Si Ma Cai, where the climate is cool and cool all year round. Si Ma Cai is considered the twin sister of Sapa. Sa Pa is like a princess of the radio, and Si Ma Cai is like a princess sleeping in the forest. Stopping in mountain towns or villages, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes such as cakes and wine made from buckwheat seeds, honey-grilled black chicken, molded cakes, sour pho, Sin Chéng duck. The scenery, food, especially the cool climate here give you a very peaceful feeling, dispelling the heat of summer, dispelling fatigue and anxiety in the city.

Waterfalls are a favorite destination of tourists in summer(Duong Toan)

The above addresses help tourists relax, avoid the sweltering heat of summer. If you need more information, contact Lao Cai Tourism Promotion and Information Center, number 02, Fansipan, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai, phone 02143 871 975.

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