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Attractive tourist attractions in Si Ma Cai

23/12/2020 1763 0
Si Ma Cai, perhaps it is a name that is too strange for tourists from all over the world. However, it is also an extremely attractive point for those who are passionate about conquest and love to explore new lands. Here are a few suggestions to help you with your trip.
1. Can Cau Market

Not as crowded as Sa Pa, nor as crowded as Bac Ha market, Can Cau market is rustic and pristine, bearing the unique characteristics of the customs and habits of the ethnic minorities here. People hold a market every Saturday and on New Year's holidays, selling a lot of specialties. In addition to admiring the diverse cultural space, coming to Can Cau market, you will enjoy a lot of Si Ma Cai's specialty dishes.

2. Sin Cheng Market

Sin Cheng fair is a market that still retains most of the cultural values ​​imbued with the identity of many ethnic groups in the region.

Sin Cheng Market is located in the center of Sin Chéng commune, about 10 km from Si Ma Cai district, meeting every Wednesday. Because it is located in a commune quite far from the district center, Sin Cheng market is less likely to be blurred by the elements of the industrial culture. The market is the convergence of many ethnic minorities: Mong, Nung, Tay, Thu Lao... to exchange, trade and trade.

Sin Cheng market is not big, but the variety of items can be said to be not inferior to other famous markets

3. Lu Than buckwheat flower field

This flower color over time, when newly flowering, is pale pinkish-white, then gradually turns pink and purple-pink before forming seeds. If catching up with the season, when the buckwheat flowers are in the main season, the tiny, pinkish-colored flowers cover the hillsides, creating a poetic and majestic scene like in a wonderland. Visitors were extremely excited when they arrived and did not hesitate to take pictures to save beautiful moments here.

4. Terraced fields

The characteristic of the Northwest in general and the Si Ma Cai valley is the winding golden terraced fields. Standing from above, looking down, the image of sparse houses halfway up the hill interspersed with large fields creates a panorama of a peaceful countryside but always full of life.

Si Ma Cai is like a charming landscape painting imbued with the culture of the highlands that once set foot in, people cannot help but admire the wildness and magnificence of the scenery here.

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