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Muong Khuong tangerine - A sweet fruit in the border highlands

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Muong Khuong is famous for famous specialties such as chili sauce, Thang Co horse, Sen Cu rice, ... but not to mention a juicy and rich vitamin C fruit, loved by many ages, that is tangerine. Muong Khuong.
With the terrain located at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level, there is a temperate climate sub-region. In Muong Khuong, the temperature difference between day and night is quite large, fog and high humidity make the quality of mandarin and citrus fruits grown here superior to other places. Among the local endemic fruits, Muong Khuong tangerine is popular with the characteristics of large, thin-skinned fruit, evenly distributed, fragrant, sweet taste, especially very succulent, is a famous specialty of Vietnam. this land.

Muong Khuong tangerines - A specialty of the rocky land of Muong Khuong

Muong Khuong tangerines are grown according to Viet Gap standard organic methods, so there are no pesticides, pesticides or growth stimulating products. In order to apply the production process of tangerines according to VietGAP standards smoothly, at important times of the tangerine season, people here have to use techniques from pruning, weeding, and meticulous fruit care. as always strictly implement the production process to protect the clean tangerine brand of Muong Khuong.

Signboard introduces the area of ​​tangerines grown according to VietGap standards

With the dedication to meticulous care of the indigenous people and the favor of nature, Muong Khuong tangerines have now been granted a geographical indication certificate by the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology) and are a 3 star OCOP certified product.

Tangerines are stamped with traceability stamps

Coming to Muong Khuong in the ripe tangerine season, visitors will be "lost" in the immense tangerine forest, experience the harvest and enjoy this specialty fruit in the enticing fragrance of space.

Tangerine to the harvest season

Tourists come to visit and experience at the tangerine garden

While the traditional tangerines (mandarin lotus) are still in the middle of the fruiting period, just barely holding the hands of children, at the end of November and beginning of December, they are ripe, the early ripe tangerines have "turned yellow" since mid-August. (mid-autumn) and fully ripe in mid-September, finishing the harvest at the end of October.

Tangerine – Thin peel, succulent, slightly sour taste

Lotus tangerine – Thick, juicy, large citrus

In addition to the early ripening and main crop, Muong Khuong is also developing late ripening tangerine trees, harvested from December to February next year, coinciding with the Lunar New Year, so visitors can enjoy visiting. observe and experience fruit picking over a long period of time. Because tangerines are juicy, have a mild sour taste, are easy to eat, affordable prices range from 25,000 - 30,000 / kg, so they are very popular with consumers and tourists everywhere.

Tangerines are packaged and distributed to consumers

In addition to branding, every year Muong Khuong opens a "Mandarin Festival" combining attracting tourists and promoting and consuming agricultural products, and actively participating in agricultural fairs in and outside the province to be able to bring local products closer to tourists.

A booth to introduce tangerines at the agricultural trade fair

Come to Muong Khuong to enjoy the typical flavor of this specialty fruit and buy it as a gift for your relatives and friends.


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