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Beautiful ripe rice season in Sin Cheng - Si Ma Cai

01/10/2021 1992 0
The golden terraced fields of Sin Cheng are the highlight of the heartbreaking beauty of Si Ma Cai in the ripe rice season.
Sin Cheng - a commune in Si Ma Cai district, Lao Cai province, which is known by a large number of domestic and international tourists for its weekly Wednesday market, is home to the Mong, La Chi, and Tay ethnic minorities. , Nung ... Sin Cheng is a land with many steep, sharp, steep cliffs, so people here usually only grow corn and upland rice. From ancient times to the present, generations of Mong people have spent a lot of effort cutting mountains, digging ditches to conduct water, making terraces to grow rice. At first, there were only a few fields at the foot of the mountain, then the field was gradually expanded, becoming stairs to the top of the towering mountain. The rice grains from the terraced fields have helped the Mong people overcome hunger, feeding them from generation to generation, until today.

The terraced fields in Sin Cheng do not stretch to the top, but wind like silk strips around the mountainside. Looking down from above, layers and layers of terraced fields are like endless waves.

Coming to Sin Cheng in the fall, visitors will not be surprised by the beauty of the majestic terraced fields in the ripe rice season, which are dyed by the sun to become more shiny, forming a beautiful picture of the golden season on the high mountains. From the top of Ngai Phong Cho, visitors can admire the whole beautiful and majestic landscape of the terraced fields in Sin Cheng. In November, after the rice harvest was completed, the family jubilantly held a festival to celebrate the new rice. The sound of the flute and the flute resounded in the village. On the rice fields, there are still stubbles that make the beauty of the quiet in those fields.

If you have the opportunity, try once to visit the land of Sin Cheng - Si Ma Cai to experience this majestic beauty!

To Uyen

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