Summer travel to Lao Cai where you should go

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You are planning to travel to Lao Cai this summer. Let's take a look at the places to visit can not be ignored when traveling to Lao Cai offline.

Bac Ha
About 70 km from Lao Cai city, with a mild climate, an average temperature of about 27 degrees, Bac Ha is an ideal place for your vacation in the hot summer days. Arrive in Bac Ha, visit Hoang A Tuong palace or also known as King Cat mansion. You will be introduced to the ancient residence for nearly a hundred years with a unique architectural style, wild stories imbued with the occult, learn and experience the traditional craft of Bac Ha such as: cooking corn wine, weaving cloth ...

Hoang A Tuong Palace (photo: Phan Phuong)

Only 1.5 km from Hoang A Tuong palace is Viet Tu flower valley. This is a beautiful check-in point with hundreds of different flowers blooming. Traveling to Bac Ha, surely you have to visit the unique fair only meeting on Sunday. Here, you can watch the colorful and colorful costumes, enjoy many specialties such as sour soup, win over horse, sticky rice with seven colors, corn cake, glutinous rice cake, buy and give to relatives and friends. souvenirs of silver, earthen or taste the famous Ngo Ban Pho wine.

Bac Ha flower valley

Si Ma Cai
From Bac Ha plateau, you just need to go up about 30km to a beautiful and pristine land, Si Ma Cai. Visit Si Ma Cai, in addition to watching the beautiful natural scenery along the road, you will also discover Si Ma Cai fair (Sunday), Can Cau market (Saturday) will be a great experience. same attractive and interesting. Can Cau market is the largest buffalo market in the Northwest.

10km from Si Ma Cai town to Sin Cheng you will see the terraced rice fields in the water season. Visiting houses of the Mong people, with unique architecture - closed and closed square. You are completely assured of the climate in Si Ma Cai, who once said it was Sapa's twin sisters, also incredibly cool.

Y Ty and Bat Xat
Bat Xat is a border highland district with a wild, rustic landscape, fresh air, friendly and hospitable people and villages in the highlands as beautiful as paradise. To Bat Xat, do not miss the opportunity to spend the night at Y Ty. Y Ty has a cool climate, average summer temperatures are only around 230C. Peaceful scenery with blue sky and white clouds floating, unique walls like the giant mushroom of Ha Nhi people. On the way to Y Ty going through amphitheater, Muong Hum, Sang Ma Sao or Ngai Thau, A Lu you do not miss the moment to watch the terraced rice fields prepared in the pouring season.

Sea of ​​clouds of Y Ty (Ly Xa Xuy)

Sa Pa
This is the familiar address of domestic and foreign tourists, perhaps we do not need much introduction. Sa Pa is suitable for a luxurious vacation. If you want a peaceful setting, you can stay in villages around the town such as Cat Cat, Lao Chai, Ta Phin, Ta Van, Nam Cang, Thanh Kim.

Sa Pa town (photo: Nguyen Trung Kien)

Nguyen Thuy

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