Le Bac Ha in service

26/06/2019 1943 0
Come back to the appointment every time Tam Hoa plum and Bac Ha pear go back to the main season. Bac Ha Le has always been favored by many people because of its crisp, sweet and succulent taste.

The climate in Bac Ha is favorable, creating good conditions for pear trees to grow and develop from there for high productivity and quality. In Bac Ha, pear trees are grown in Lau Thi Ngai, Ta Van Chu, Lung Cai and Ban Gia communes, Thai Giang Pho, Ta Chai, Na Hoi, Ban Pho and town. Currently, pears are in the harvest time, many tourists are extremely excited to experience pear picking at the garden. Picking berry pears and enjoying the sweet sweetness at the garden is even more wonderful. Delicious crispy taste, fresh, cool space has helped the product experience traveling pears at the garden has become unique, attracting tourists in Bac Ha.

Pear season usually ends in early July of the solar calendar, so please hurry to experience the tourism products branded Bac Ha this summer.
Lessons and photos: Trong Duy

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