Lao Cai folk games attract modern visitors

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Folk games in Lao Cai not only appeal to men, young people, but women or children are also very interested. In particular, when there are a few happy guests, the game becomes even more exciting.

Coming to Lao Cai in the spring, besides admiring countless beautiful landscapes, full of life. Tourists also have the opportunity to attend traditional festivals, to be immersed in interesting folk games in the fun and colorful festivals of ethnic people - where modern visitors. Relive to folk games with many primitive elements, even associated with the local beliefs.

Folk games at the Spring Festival

Around the tenth day of the Lunar New Year every year, the Mong people and the Giay people in Sa Pa sobbed and went to the fields and Root Pooc. Everyone wears the latest and most beautiful costume to appear radiant at the festival because going to the festival not only goes out, but also to meet friends, boys and girls to learn, get married…. This is also an opportunity that visitors are looking forward to participating in special games with local boys and girls such as tug of war, pushing sticks, throwing, swinging, climbing monkey bridges over streams ...

The game of climbing a monkey bridge over a stream

The first to mention is the tug of war game. This is a highly collective game, has a long history and has the participation of many people. Two teams on each side with the same number of people will pull a rope together, whichever side drags the other people over the front line, the side wins. This game is simple but creates an extremely fun atmosphere, the teams must unite together in order to win. This game is not only for men, but also for women and children.

Pushing sticks is also an interesting folk game, this is a sport often held during the holidays. Only a good wooden stick, straight or an old bamboo about 2m long is enough equipment to start the push stick game. This game requires tough health and ingenuity, agility to be able to push the enemy out of the circle and win. Some Western tourists are very interested in this game, they often use the power to overwhelm the "opponent" but sometimes still can not win the fast and equally healthy of the guys. highland mussel.

Another very funny and extremely attractive game is a duck-blind-eye game. Two ducks will be released in a terraced field and surrounded by a net, the player blindfolded with a tight cloth and listen to the instructions of the audience, whoever catches the duck will win. This game does not require health, just listen and follow the prompts of everyone around. Although it seems easy, but to catch the ducks, the player also smudged from head to toe because of the mud, leaving a good laugh for the audience.

Swinging is an extremely popular game in the highlands loved by many people and tourists, not only children but also adults excited to participate. Visitors both in Europe and Asia who come to the festival do not want to ignore the feeling of being launched high in the cheers of the people around and enjoy an unforgettable experience. In addition to the meaning of entertainment, swing players (usually a couple) have the opportunity to interact, make friends or show closeness and attachment.

Swing game

In addition to the folk games as mentioned above, Lao Cai has countless other equally interesting games such as throwing, cockfighting, spinning, jumping sticks, goat fighting ... Each game has an idea. The meaning is also unique, but all have one thing in common is to bring relaxing and refreshing moments for the participants after the hardships of life. And visitors from all over the world when coming to Lao Cai, coming to the festivals here, when leaving, bring with them unforgettable memories.

Visitors excited to join the game blindfolded catch goats

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